Beiren Grand Launches 75A High Speed ​​Newspaper Rotary Press

On the afternoon of May 30th, Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. joined hands with its national sales agent Wanbang United (Beijing) Equipment Co., Ltd. to jointly hold the “Belly 75A Newspaper Rotary Press Live Demonstration and Expert Seminar”.

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s newspaper industry, the demand for various types of printing equipment has been continuously increasing. In particular, medium-sized equipment with flexible production, advanced technology, and moderate investment scale has become a newspaper printing company to improve product quality and reduce production efficiency. The main model of production costs, but because of the technical requirements of the medium-sized printer, the difficulty in manufacturing has always been the import machine dominates the world. The customer's demand is the driving force for the North's advancement. The company invested a large amount of funds from Japan, Germany, and the United States two years ago to introduce the manufacturing technology and key components of the medium-duty rotary press. The company’s technical staff and production staff have been striving to make progress and create a first-rate spirit. While digesting and absorbing advanced foreign technologies, the company continued to design, improve, and improve its products according to the actual needs of domestic customers, making full use of Beiren's world-class processing equipment and year-round accumulated equipment processing experience, and finally completed its hourly output in May 2006. The manufacture of the 75A equipment of the Beiren people with 75,000 newspapers has made up for the blankness of the domestic medium-sized machine. It is a glorious page in the history of Chinese newspaper printing.

The “Northren's 75A Newspaper Rotary Press Live Demonstration & Expert Seminar” attracted more than ten leading newspaper printing houses from the People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, the Liberation Army Daily, and the Beijing Daily, as well as the Dazhong Daily, Harbin Daily, and Zhengzhou Daily. The leaders of local newspaper printing houses such as the Tianjin Press Printing Service Center and other leaders of the newspapers, who are leaders of the China Association of Newspapers, printing experts, and printing predecessors gathered in the North. Accompanied by Mr. Wang Wenyuan, deputy general manager of Beiren Corporation, the participants first visited Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. headquarters and its trial production and processing workshops in Yizhuang Development Zone in Beijing, and then drove to the north of Daxing Industrial Development Zone. The company's branch web offset press manufacturing branch saw a live demonstration of the Beiren 75A newspaper rotary press.

At an expert seminar to be held later, Mr. Zhu Wu'an, chairman of Beiren Group Corporation and Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., gave warm welcome to the participating experts and leaders, and developed the history of the medium-sized newspaper printer and the North The service printing and creation of a first-rate corporate philosophy are described in detail. Since then, many printing experts and newspaper printing factory leaders have given enthusiastic speeches and active discussions. They fully affirmed Beiren’s outstanding contributions and hard work for the Chinese newspaper printing industry. They sincerely praised the high printing quality, high stability, and low noise performance demonstrated by the Beiren 75A newspaper rotary press. The reasonableness of the matching and the precision of the manufacturing process have been highly evaluated. Some experts believe that the Beiren 75A equipment has reached the level of imported equipment. This is the hope of the printing industry in China. Some experts highly praise the performance of equipment, on-site demonstrations and foreign standards, and some leaders also praise the production of Beiren. The internationalization and modernization of marketing are fully affirmed. Since many newspapers will enter the stage of equipment upgrade in recent years to meet the rising market demand for printing quality and circulation, some newspaper printing industry leaders have expressed on the spot that they will pay more attention and are more willing to use the world like the Beiren 75A equipment. Horizontal domestic printing presses. Participants also put forward sincere suggestions on further improving equipment performance and reducing production costs.

With the listing of the 75A newspaper rotary printing equipment from Beiren, the domestic newspaper printing press has entered a new era of high-tech, high-performance, and high-efficiency, providing newspaper printing companies with the possibility of improving product quality and reducing production costs. We expect Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. to make more contributions to the development of China's newspaper printing. It is reported that at the Shanghai All-In Print Exhibition on June 14-17, Beiren will also display 75A newspaper rotary printing equipment so that more customers will see her style.

Source: Coinprint

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