The first anti-glare and anti-graffiti film has been launched

Metromede Autotype Division has introduced the world's first film that combines anti-glare and anti-graffiti functions, Sigmagraf Anti-Glare, which is highly stable in various storage, production and use environments. Films can be used for ink jet and UV inkjet printing of water-based pigments. Autotype claims that because of the hard film layer in the film composition, the required additive is eliminated, and it can reproduce images and colors more accurately and with higher brightness than other materials. The hard coat layer also has the function of combining anti-glare and anti-graffiti functions, and the hard coat surface layer is also resistant to scratches and abrasions.

Sigmagraf Anti-Glare films can be cleaned with conventional isopropyl alcohol solvents or aqueous cleaners without leaving any remaining cleaning contaminants or marks, which is very different from ordinary films. Sigmagraf Anti-Glare film has passed the ASTM D6587 test standard graffiti resistance test in the laboratory, and its testers are impressed by its anti-graffiti and scratch-free performance.

Source: Printing Materials Business

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