CimControl® Networking Software

CimControl® is a true "open" and "highly flexible" networking software solution for networking dedicated or non-dedicated devices.

Multi-device networking CimControl® allows users to customize and support external plug-ins to monitor third-party devices such as laser scanners, hole inspection machines, weight inspection machines and bagged shrink film packaging machines. As a multi-device networking solution, it gives you unrestricted flexibility, and you can use it to create and control the network to optimize your specific application requirements.

Factory-wide networking solutions With the high concentration of data collection and data exchange, CimControl® supports OPC (Process Control OLE) server networking. You can integrate CimControl® and control systems for modern businesses, such as PLCs and SCADA systems throughout the plant without the need to add network protocols or other software. The OPC server establishes communication with multiple on-line devices via the CimControl® and can exchange data with other application interfaces or OPC clients. It can then also perform data analysis. For example, the operating efficiency of the production line and the ratio of products passing/passing through the product can not be scanned. And data about printer utilization.

Real-time logging and reporting In CimControl®, ODBC logging is another powerful new tool for collecting real-time data including efficiency, performance, and product quality. Events exist as text files or are stored directly in the ODBC database. The recorded production data can be accessed, or you can directly import the data you need from the database into EXCEL, ACCESS or other ODBC-compatible software. For user convenience, this feature has a pilot-style interface for you to create a diary.

Easy to Switch CimControl® Tasks During Print Tasks The file support feature is especially useful for packaging workshops that need to frequently switch print jobs and reset device properties based on different tasks. Once the operator has set a task and corresponding attribute in the label/printing device, these attributes will follow the specific task and the operator can no longer make changes. For example, the resolution required for the first print job is different from the resolution for the second job, so that the operator will not erroneously use the resolution of the first task to perform the change when switching between these two files. Two tasks.

The CimControl® networking software gives you a more streamlined operation. You only need one computer to control the networking of multiple coders and production equipment, thereby increasing productivity and reducing downtime. CimControl® can also be integrated into many common packaging line management systems such as MES, SCADA and ERP.

Source: MARKEN

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