Gauss Magnum 40 Press

   The latest generation of Magnum 40 single-web presses will be equipped with the latest Gaussian 2:1 roll-to-roll folding device with integrated paper path running capabilities and proven shaftless drive technology as well as enhanced Gaussian press control and workflow management systems. Its rigid and modular device structure, highly automated systems and advanced origami technology provide reliable, flexible and efficient solutions for newspapers and semi-commercial printing operations. Liberation Daily, Nanfang Daily and many other domestic and overseas newspapers recently joined the Gauss Magnum 40 user club.

The new shape Battery Voltage Tester supports four standard miniature UAV battery interfaces, plug and play,Supports JST (2.54mm), MOLEX (2.0mm), mCPX (2.0mm),

MCX (1.25mm), Support LiFe (3.3 / 3.65V), LiPo (3.7 / 4.20V), Li-Hv (3.8 / 4.35V) for lithium batteries,Four battery interfaces support reverse battery polarity protection, Supports four battery interfaces LiFe, LiPo, LiHv, 0.36-inch red digital display, showing battery voltage, battery voltage detection accuracy to 10mV, can fix the wire.

Battery Voltage Tester

Battery Voltage Tester

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