UV coating common faults and troubleshooting methods (8)

VIII, UV Varnish thickens, there is a gel phenomenon

1, the cause of the failure

1 UV Varnish storage time is too long, beyond the safety shelf life, began to cross-linked phenomenon.

2 inappropriate storage conditions, storage temperature is high.

3UV varnish storage is not strictly protected from light.

4UV photo oil in excess of photoinitiator.

2, elimination method

1UV varnish should be strictly protected from light and heat, and storage temperature is usually 5 to 25°C.

The general safety shelf life of 2UV varnish is 6 months. If it is well preserved, the current effective period can be greatly extended.

3 If the product has not been fully cross-linked, it can be filtered and diluted appropriately for use.

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