SAY-31000D Electronic Shaft Drive Flexible Packaging High Speed ​​Gravure Press

The machine is independently developed by the company, drawing on the current international leading gravure printing technology, and has the main features of the international modern advanced gravure printing machine. Its main highlights are: electronic shaft drive technology, sleeve impression cylinder structure, gravure car structure, etc.; also used a small stroke stamping clutch structure, so that overprint response speed faster, printing waste product rate is lower; advanced The machine management system makes the equipment more automatic, the production management more intuitive and convenient, and the operation more user-friendly. This machine is suitable for the gravure printing of various films, thin papers, aluminum foils and other composite materials in the field of flexible packaging. It is characterized by high rigidity, high speed, fast response, accurate overprinting, etc. It is the advanced of China's new generation of electronic axis transmission gravure printing machine. One of the models.

Toy Packaging

Our company focus on product packaging for more than ten years, to provide one-stop service, we provide all kinds of toy box, box multiple variety, have a plain white paper, also has the specialty paper, have a professional design team, all can figure or to be customized according to customer's requirements, all can pass EN71-3 test standard.

Toy Packaging

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