Book Binding Layout Design Art (Part 2)

3 Spine

The spine should be the embodiment of the cover design, especially on the thick spine, and should not be satisfied with the layout of the book title, author name, and publisher name. With the same font as the positive book title, within the narrow area, arrange the size and density. Some use geometric points, lines, faces, and graphics to form echoes on the front cover or back cover to form rhythm changes and enhance the sense of art (see Figure 3). 4 The ring is lining the structure of the book. The ring lining is the transition from the cover to the text. , so it has a decorative landscaping effect. The general choice of white or elegant color paper, although without any decoration, can also reflect an atmosphere that is in harmony with the contents of the book. It is plain and generous, and is suitable for theoretical books and scientific books. Followed by the use of textured paper or latitude and longitude and other textures of paper, due to its own color, texture and natural patterns, can produce a good decorative effect.

5 pages

In addition to introducing the title, author name, and publisher name to the reader, the title page is also the entrance and prelude to the book, and is also the focus of internal design of the book. The design is very concise, intentionally leaving a lot of blank space, the clearness and aesthetics of the layout can help readers quickly understand the nature and general appearance of the book, as if there is room for relaxation before entering the text, and pay attention to the consistent style of the cover page and the cover Sex, but it should be different, not cumbersome, to avoid overlapping with the cover. On the other hand, the title page and the text must maintain the unity of style, and the two should be in one go.

6 directory

The catalogue is the program of the contents of the book. It shows the hierarchy of the structure, and the design must be clear and clear, and it is only for the quick understanding of the entire content. The layout of the current layout is varied, and it is based on the intention of the overall design of the book, which makes the layout of the catalogue more attractive and enhances the visual interest.

7 illustration

Lu Xun said, "The illustration of the book is intended to decorate books and increase the interest of reading. However, its power can subsidize the writing and it is also a propaganda painting. Illustrations are an important part of book art.

The illustrations are rich in expression. They are also divided into two categories: realistic and decorative. Each country's illustrations have their own style. Even if the same country, the same kind of literary works, because of the art of the illustrators, the understanding of the original is different. The use of different angles, different content, different forms of the picture to express. In addition to using artistic images to reproduce literary images, illustrations help readers to deepen their understanding of literary works, and strengthen graphic design works to ingeniously combine traditional Chinese culture with Western art forms to construct their own unique cultural aesthetic qualities and become a development of information-based graphic design. Trend.

Under today's market economy conditions, modern graphic design gardens have many new topics. New situations, new thinking, and new ideas that constantly appear in the way of human survival have caused us to break the rules we used in graphic design in the past. The inherent symbolic phenomena are deconstructed and the graphic design must evolve with the times. The new historical mission requires graphic designers to firmly grasp the direction of development, boldly conduct theoretical discussions and business innovations, and actively explore modern graphic design laws and theoretical systems with Chinese characteristics so that in addition to the artistic influence of the literary image, it also has a beautification. The decorative effect of books. British book artist Morris had already said. The illustration's black and white areas should be linked to the gray surface of the text page. In this sense, the illustrations are versatile. It must not only express the content, but also have an effect in the entire design concept. Its gray value, outline and proportion should be consistent with the gray area of ​​the text page. As an illustrator, we must pay real attention to all the decoration requirements of the entire book, and have superb artistic expressions that will give readers a richer harvest.

8 Conclusion

In book binding design, layout design can only become a layout art by successfully helping readers to read, understand and enjoy the fun. A good layout is not only easy to read, but more importantly, the artistic treatment of the layout needs to participate in the performance of the book content.

Su Liman Foshan Institute of Science and Technology

Source: "Packaging Project"

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