Advanced blister packaging technology full contact

Due to the continuous development of the contract drug and non-registered drug industry, high-speed production has promoted the large-scale development of blister packaging machines. In the process of solving the single problem of bubble size, the development of the multifunctional blister packaging machine has been promoted. More blister packaging machines continue to have the ability to pack a variety of bubble vesicles of different sizes, to quickly replace products, and to reduce the number of blister packaging machines. Time, and easy confirmation and many other features.

One of the ways to reduce the waiting time is to integrate the blister packaging machine and the cardboard packaging machine with a single central control system. This method ensures the compatibility of the equipment and makes the relevant data available on the same control system, which makes the preservation and evaluation of records easier. On the other hand, since the whole process of filling is continuous, it also avoids the manual transmission process of the production process, which effectively reduces the waiting time for replenishment of the blister board and reduces the possibility of manual erroneous filling. Although many companies now offer this technology, highly efficient multi-purpose packaging machines have special requirements for precise control, as well as materials and tools.

More than 80% production efficiency of blister packaging integrated equipment

Uhlmann's Blister Express is an integrated device that integrates the thermoforming, cartoning, and stretching of a blister, which can increase productivity by more than 80%. Uhlmann spokesperson said: "Using ordinary equipment under normal conditions to carry out the above work lasts a long time and more material is wasted than actually needed. However with Uhlmann's Blister Express, as long as the material supply is sufficient, one worker can simultaneously Five different tasks were performed.” On the other hand, the device uses 28 synchronized servo drives and lightweight tools to achieve rapid conversion. Each continuous working tool and material data is Uhlmann's vertical storage system. Store and manage it so that it can be posted to the device at the right time.

The software named ToolPoP is able to execute all production plans, including arranging all batches of time and the applicable specific production line, performing each job with maximum efficiency. In addition, it is particularly suitable for Blister Express, making the machine in normal In the case of operation, preparations for the next batch of products have already begun when they are left unattended. Uhlmann's experience with technologies such as re-stretching and shrinking transfers data to the laser sensor system to automatically adjust the UPS1010 thermoforming machine with deviations, monitors the C2065 cartoning machine and E3006 adhesive tape strapping machine with dimensional changes. Achieved 100 blisters/minute or 100 cartons/minute.

Servo system brings many advantages

The latest integrated production line M430 produced by TMG Marchesini uses an integrated structure. The machine uses a pick and place operation to transport the blisters to the cartoning machine. The M430 is operated by a single PC-controlled servo driver, and the PC can record a variety of product forms. The adoption of the servo system enables the machine to exhibit various advantages, including improving the operating efficiency and making the operation cleaner and quieter. . The machine's all stainless steel box design fully meets the requirements of GMP certification. The well-designed detachable feeder and cabinet type design make the product conversion operation very fast. Other features of the production line include: automatic adjustment of the film cutting slope, single blister discharge, and automatic retraction of the shrink blister. The M430 Blister Packer can produce blister packs at a rate of 300 plates per minute, and the Robocombi pick and place transfer system delivers the blister packs to the MA225 cardboard box at a rate of 150 boxes per minute.

The contract drug manufacturer Surepharm Service of Bretby has expanded its 20,000-square-meter installation of the M430, Robocombi Pick & Place Transfer System and MA225 Cardboard Packaging Machine to achieve the goal of producing 1 billion tablets per year. Surepharm Service’s CEO believes that “investing in new blister packaging equipment that works with existing canned drug production lines can provide consumers with more comprehensive services”.

Intelligent control system makes the device more flexible

The German manufacturer IWKA introduced the Blisterpac BP10, a small blister packer. This device can keep the sealing speed constant and does not need to consider minor changes in the equipment during the entire production process. This makes the early stage speed confirmation work easy to implement, and it is in line with the actual production requirements of users, convenient and flexible. The Blisterpac BP10 uses servo drives for almost all its operation. However, the servo drive mentioned here is different from the servo drive in the traditional sense. The intelligent control system adopted by BP10 can adjust the speed and the relationship between each drive.

This intelligent control system was applied by IWKA on the high-speed Blisterpac BP20. IWKA's distributors in the UK pointed out that the Blisterpac BP10 blister packaging machine can significantly reduce the use of prior velocities in comparison to conventional blister packers. And when performing a variety of different product operations, there is no need to perform re-confirmation operations. The constant sealing time means that in order to maintain the reliability of the seal, the sealing time, temperature and pressure must be kept constant. The Blisterpac BP10 Blister Packer also features a quick-change product that can be completed in 15 minutes. In addition, while the Blisterpac BP10 blister packer can quickly complete product replacement, the intelligent control system can quickly return to normal production and return to full speed within seconds. The Blisterpac BP10 blister wrapper has a box-type design. All drives are mounted behind the machine wall and all coiled cables are connected to the machine wall with plugs and sockets as much as possible. This design meets GMP certification standards. On the other hand, in order to meet the different preferences of users, the device is equipped with a rotary and flat sealing system. According to IWKA's sales and marketing manager, "This device greatly facilitates the user, and the user does not need to perform complex early-stage speed adjustment confirmation steps in order to achieve optimal production speed for different products. Furthermore, in each batch of production processes, If the properties of the drugs are different, the blisters production can be changed without any speed adjustment confirmation, and the speed of the Blisterpac BP10 blister packaging machine, which is mainly used to produce small batches and medium batches, can be up to 300 plates. /minute."

Efficient and flexible small blister packaging machine

Uhlmann has also been committed to the development of small, efficient and flexible blister packaging machines. The company predicts that in the near future, more than 85% of the output of pharmaceutical products will be packaged in quantities of 10,000 boards per batch. The company believes that using this type of production and using an optimized production line with a higher output will be a huge waste. Because the change of packaging will delay a lot of production time, it will cause a huge waste of materials. At present, Uhlmann has introduced the B1260 compact, efficient and flexible blister packaging machine. The machine is mainly designed to meet the needs of the market for the production of small batches of products. It has a length of about 2 meters and a speed of 240 boards/minute. It can automatically adjust the network transmission before bagging to ensure the safety of the process and the quality of the blister. It is the same as a product produced on a large-scale production line. When the machine is used to operate the formed film, the diameter of the roller can reach 600mm, the roller can reach 240mm when the cover is covered with tin foil, and can continuously run for 1.5 hours without interruption, and the roller is used for continuous operation, and all running processes are adopted. A touch-enabled screen capable of displaying production data for monitoring. The main features of the B1260 include the use of Uhlmann thermoforming machines with GMP-approved cantilever designs to make the cleaning of the equipment very easy; the machine can handle a wide range of different substrates; when automating 25,000-panel blister production, all The machine only needs one operator to manage; the change of form is carried out through the clamp system located in the middle, its great flexibility saves money and time greatly.

Source: Huayin Color Box Network

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