When taking care of the products , the order is from the forehead and the T-shaped part to the cheeks and slowly massage. When you massage, you should carry it from bottom to top, and don't pull your skin down. The skin care product can be started without waiting for it to dry. The liquid found
Foundation, mascara, eye shadow, blush... These most basic make-up objects have greatly exerted the "pseudo-makeup" effect due to the professional makeup techniques of the makeup artist. Let's see what makeup can age. Step 1. Indispensable pre-makeup maintenance 1. The mask is the b
I bought so many expensive sunscreen whitening products, but there is no effect at all. Why? In fact, if you want to sunscreen and want to whiten, you must know some basic common sense. Otherwise, you can complete the work only by your own feelings, and you will definitely not get the effect you wa
Usually after the age of 25, the pores will gradually appear slack and coarse problems. In addition to the pollution of the external environment, the elastic fibers and collagen in the dermis will begin to loosen and break, resulting in poor skin tension and elasticity. If the pores that lose the s
7 countermeasures for allergies Disable all cosmetics, skin break 1. First of all, all cosmetics should be deactivated. All skin care products should be deactivated in the first three days, so that the skin has a buffer time. 2. During this period, spray products can be used in large quantities.