1. General inspection method. This method is commonly used in output centers and design companies. Its main equipment is the viewing table and density meter. Densitometer is a key equipment for testing printing plates. Its basic function is to read out the halftone percentage of the halftones, so
With the homogeneity of products, what attracts consumers more? The famous DuPont law states that about 63% of consumers make purchase decisions based on the packaging and decoration of their products. It is precisely because of this that the current market economy is known as the eyeball economy
Abstract : Packaging design occupies an important position in the professional teaching system. This article adopts the specific packaging design curriculum teaching practice. It is pointed out that the current packaging design courses have problems in course positioning, curriculum system, and pr
I. Overview Product barcodes appear to be common in appearance, but their quality requirements in terms of size and optical properties cannot be ignored. Printing companies should strengthen the management of the bar code printing quality of goods, and effectively control the quality of bar codes
Packaging design may seem simple, but it is not true; when an experienced packaging designer is executing a design case, he or she considers not only the visual mastery or the structural innovation, but also whether the product marketing plan involved in the case is fully understood. . Without com