Dirty plate is a common fault, but in a sense is also a typical failure. In the production process, it is necessary to carry out a detailed analysis according to signs and parts of the layout with dirt, find out the cause of the malfunction, and take effective measures to prevent and solve them. I
1. The reason why the accuracy of die cutting is not high is due to the problem of die-cutting and the problem of prints. Hand-made die-cutting plates have a large error; die-cutting indentations can cause paper deformation due to the difference between the print indentation and the printing work
The Arabic numbers following the densitometer model are the serial numbers of the densitometer. There are two types of domestic densitometers, one is CMF, which stands for color reflection densitometer, and the other is CMT, which stands for transmission densitometer. The measurement principle of
Third, there is a gap between the original and photosensitive version 1, lack of vacuum Before the exposure, it is necessary to vacuum the printing machine's drying chamber so that the original plate and the photosensitive plate are closely attached together. If the vacuum is improperly set
Editor's note: There are many factors affecting the quality of printed matter, but if problems arise during the prepress process, then even if the printed materials used are no better, the quality of the printing press is higher, and the binding is fine again, it will not be possible to produc
After the offset press is assembled and put into place, the main work is to check the adjustment and test. Different models, adjustment and testing methods are different. But regulation and testing are very important tasks. It is a concentrated expression of the technical level of offset press ope
Third, the output of quality control The layout produced in the computer needs to be output as a four-color film by a laser imagesetter or output by a computer-to-plate (CTP) printer or a digital proofer. Whatever the output, the error rate for this process may be the highest. Several aspects tha
Through special treatment, the heat resistance of iron black can be improved, so that iron black can be applied to some paints, plastics and other occasions that need to be processed and used at higher temperatures. The most famous heat-resistant iron black is Bayer's 303T, which can withstan
Yangzhou Ruixiang Plastic Film Co., Ltd. is a processing enterprise specializing in the production of plastic chemical products. Leading products industrial packaging film, agricultural film, greenhouse, brick cover film. The company has a width of 10m model for the SH150-type film production line
The quality of printing depends to a great extent on the temperature and humidity of the offset printing shop. This is a problem that quality inspection personnel should pay attention to. Temperature and humidity have a great influence on the deformation of paper, the flow and transmission of ink,