Shanghai Wancheng Anti-counterfeiting Ink Co., Ltd. is a high-tech ink company specializing in scientific research, production and sales. For a long time, it has been engaged in the research and development of anti-counterfeit inks. In recent years, based on the continuous introduction of talents,
Kao Corporation of Japan recently developed a technology for making bottles from waste paper. The hardness of the products is the same as that of ordinary plastic bottles. This paper bottle is made by sandwiching pulp between two layers of paint. Sealed with a screw cap or tin foil will not leak w
In mid-June, representatives of some green environmental protection tableware manufacturers, representatives from some related companies, and people from the capital of the capital gathered a total of more than 40 people in Beijing to hold a seminar on the development of green tableware. The parti
In the long-term production practice, we have summarized some rules for pre-printing color adjustment of printing inks. It is applicable to the printing and color-matching of aluminum foils in aluminum-plastic blister packaging, and it is also applicable to the printing of flexible packaging mater
When buying technology products, the most taboo is to buy counterfeit goods. Moreover, in many choices, if the product packaging is not clear enough, it will cause consumer inconvenience. In order to avoid unnecessary burdens on consumption, Hewlett Packard recently demonstrated its new product p
Recently, a small-scale esterification equipment specialized in digesting waste foam to produce PS modified waterproof plastics and emulsifying paints was successfully developed in Taian City, Shandong Province Xinquan Fine Chemicals Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and put into mass production. In respons
People are accustomed to disposing of waste paper as rubbish. However, many people do not know that it is such waste paper that China needs a large number of imports from abroad every year. The utilization and disposal of waste paper in China in the 1970s was through simple cooking, sizing, beati
(2) Intelligent exploration of bonding The so-called intelligence is to fully reproduce the three special functions of the above-mentioned biological materials in materials. From this point of view, the distance between the adhesive and the completely intelligent target is still far away. However
The modern marketing factor combinatorial system engineering theory states in the overall product strategy: “Products are any tangible goods or intangible services that people provide to the market to meet consumers' or users’ needs. The tangible goods mainly include the productâ