The use of gold and silver ink When gold and silver inks are printed, the choice of printing materials is very critical, because there are many pores in the surface, and the substrate with permeability will absorb the transparent resin liquid, especially when the viscosity of the ink is low, the
The Job Definition Format (JDF) is a conversion format for job ticketing and workflow automation that has quickly gained widespread acceptance in the printing industry. In today's printing industry, JDF is a bridge between people and multi-step, multi-resource, multi-tool and multi-entity, whi
In prepress design, some under-exposed manuscript pictures are often encountered. If they are left intact in the design draft, they will not only affect the effect of the entire design layout, but also damage the designer's creative taste. The magic of Photoshop is that it can make use of some
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Commodity packaging is the continuation of the production of commodities. All commodities that need to be packaged can be regarded as the completion of the production process only through packaging. The commodities can enter the circulation and consumption fields before they can realize the use va
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Nano-sized pigments can be added to the pulp to make papers with bright colors and good color fastness. Nano-scale titania chrome yellow, hydrogenated iron red and other powders added to the chemical fiber to absorb ultraviolet rays best effect can be shielded from the excessive irradiation of ul
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