Carbon dioxide lasers use electricity to make carbon dioxide emit high-power invisible infrared beams. Infrared light is actually a form of thermal energy, so when the light beam hits your packaging substrate, thermal energy can etch or engrave the surface of the substrate, creating a logo. Laser
   The latest generation of Magnum 40 single-web presses will be equipped with the latest Gaussian 2:1 roll-to-roll folding device with integrated paper path running capabilities and proven shaftless drive technology as well as enhanced Gaussian press control and workflow management s
Due to the continuous development of the contract drug and non-registered drug industry, high-speed production has promoted the large-scale development of blister packaging machines. In the process of solving the single problem of bubble size, the development of the multifunctional blister packagi
3 Spine The spine should be the embodiment of the cover design, especially on the thick spine, and should not be satisfied with the layout of the book title, author name, and publisher name. With the same font as the positive book title, within the narrow area, arrange the size and density. Some
The Little David CF-5 cartoner can seal at a rate of 15 cases per minute, depending on the operating conditions of the operator and the size of the carton. Most of the changes are without tools, and the time is shorter than one minute. PLC helps eliminate carton jams. The machine folds and holds a
CimControl® is a true "open" and "highly flexible" networking software solution for networking dedicated or non-dedicated devices. Multi-device networking CimControl® allows users to customize and support external plug-ins to monitor third-party devices such as laser sca