The Safe Rubber Baby Bib is made With Highest Quality Materials. Made of Ultra-Soft Scentless Silicone that Won't Irritate your Baby's Neck. These bibs are made of a soft silicone that you can roll up and easily stick in a diaper bag. Created to be used while seated without getting caug
Many customers want to use high-performance opaque plastic films in bar code labels because they can achieve a satisfactory print contrast ratio without surface treatment. In response to this demand from customers, GE Plastics has partnered with its customers all over the world to develop a new wh
Advantageous problems when selecting adhesive materials - plasticizers often leak out on the surface of soft PVC, and special attention should be paid when selecting adhesives. For cylinders with diameters of less than 30 mm, materials must be carefully selected; When the label size is too small
Abstract : This paper studies the characteristics of children and analyzes the current situation of children's products, and discusses the necessity of humanized design of children's products. Based on the humanized design concept, the principle of humanized design for children's produ
Third, the printed surface of the UV light oil can not paint, hair main reason: 1, UV light oil viscosity is too small. The coating is too thin. 2. The content of ink or dry oil in the ink is too high. 3, the ink surface has been crystallized: 4, ink surface anti-stick material (silicone oil,
The invention relates to a ketchup special packaging paper barrel, characterized in that the thick wallpaper barrel body and the wooden barrel bottom are buckled by the iron hoop rolling convex groove; the barrel mouth has a iron hoop fixed and is rolled with a concave ring groove. There is a stee