With the rise of the global green industry, at present, a new type of environmentally friendly ink--soybean ink has become a rookie in the printing industry. Ningbo Weigao Printing Design Company, a Hong Kong-funded company located in Ningbo Development Zone, is using this new type of environmenta
In the presence of α-Fe2O3 crystal nucleus and ferrous sulfate, ferrous sulfate is oxidized with air, and the generated ferric oxide is deposited on the crystal nucleus. Simultaneously, the generated sulfuric acid is neutralized with ammonia, and ferrous sulfate and ammonia are continuously add
2α-FeOOH=α-Fe2O3+H2O 2.3. Transparent Iron Black Production of transparent iron black using coprecipitation. First, ferrous hydroxide and iron hydroxide were separately prepared, then mixed by equivalents, and dehydrated by heating to form transparent iron black. The chemical reaction for
Recently, UPM Raflatac has released its latest wine label adhesive, RP 30, to meet the needs of the wine labeling market. RP 30 is a waterborne acrylic adhesive designed primarily for permanent wine labeling that does not require water elution. The product has excellent adhesion effects on curved
Introduction: This article focuses on the low-viscosity LX-2 resin that is currently being put on the market. It is widely used in printing products for coating, printing, printing, and printing, by introducing D3 resin and modified graft-extended packaging materials. Etc. Overcoming the current s
EFI has recently developed a technology for fully automatic inspection and calibration of proofs. This technology can create a control strip based on the content of the file to ensure accurate copying of spot colors. It is understood that automated inspection and calibration procedures can greatl
Re-use packaging and reuse packaging can be divided into multiplexed packaging and multi-purpose packaging. Reusable packaging can be recycled and reused, which can significantly reduce packaging costs, save expenses, accelerate and promote product turnover, and reduce environmental pollution. Mul
In the daily production process, various reasons require us to dilute the UV varnish used. Usually, the most economical and convenient method is to directly add A in the UV varnish. T industry uses non-reactive solvents such as ethanol to change only the instantaneous viscosity of UV varnish witho
Among various types of pigments, the production and sales volume of iron oxide pigments is second only to titanium dioxide. It is the second largest inorganic pigment and the largest color pigment. Iron oxide pigment has many colors, wide color spectrum, high hiding power and strong coloring power
Three fine dot micro measurement segments The fine-mesh micromeasurement section, also called the ultra-micro measurement element, is the core part of Bruner's system (Figure 9-2). The thin network segment is composed of 60 lines/cm isobaric lines, and the total network area is 50%. The fine