Tissot watches provide a range of perfect watch options, so you can send a memorable gift at the end of the year. A variety of different tastes, we can watch one by one to meet. Swiss Tissot Everytime watch with interchangeable strap, full of pondering. If you want to find a classic watch, the Swis
Hello everyone! I am a white, a small white white! Long time no one to meet with you, first of all thank you for the white has been the support, thank you! White recently saw a very interesting words, first to share with you: It is extremely difficult to wake up before getting up, thinking about
Recently the state has adopted a new policy on milk, in the future we want to buy milk later, probably in drugstore. Milk problems that have been criticized our problem, the introduction of this rule, for the inevitable future of milk has a positive effect. Speaking of milk powder, and the powder p
Abandon the sadness of winter, far away from the dust of the city ashes, with beyond my attitude to show an extraordinary self, boiling youth and vitality. EXR will bring you a different kind of self-confidence and tolerance, it is a unique LOGO belongs to the EXR, it implies the ability and pas
Recently, the opening ceremony of "361 ° Chinese University Student Basketball Super League" (CUBS) was held at Guangdong University of Technology from 2009 to 2010. CUBS (China University Basketball Super League), one of the top 3 Chinese basketball tournaments, It is co-founder of C
October, autumn wind leaves, long days far, but also to travel. For any traveler, a trip for the sake of truth is far more beneficial than a sightseeing trip. Travel equipment is also, choose to pay attention to the choice will be more interesting. A comfortable fabric, simple design backpack, i
122TH CANTON FAIR held in Guangzhou, China have been started. As usual, our company CHINA YATCH INDUSTRIAL LTD. will attend this fair in Phase 3, during 31st/Oct. - 4th/Nov. For your information, our booth No.: 9.2.L35&M13. It`s our honor to have you in our booh at that time, we will show you
On June 28, the headquarters base of Beijing's South Fourth Ring Road staged a ceremony called "Apparel Vivid and Vivid". After the conference, the China Leather Industry Development Seminar attracted the attention of media inside and outside the industry. Upgrading the leather indust
In recent years, along with food and beverage filling machinery rapid growth in demand, liquid filling machine manufacturers are stepping up production efforts and look forward to a good market prospects. Although high yields bring good economic benefits, but also liquid filling machine ma
Warm Evergreen, full moon phase information The new Certina DS-8 Star Wyatt series moon phase chronograph with PVD plated rose gold case, full of warm colors, elegant watch elegance. Also as its unique predecessor models, the new watches also equipped with precision PrecidriveTM movement, and use