The characteristics and application of miniature corrugated paper

Corrugated paper is the most widely used packaging material in the packaging industry. It can be applied in many fields such as packaging industry products and various kinds of civilian goods. With the international market, the quarantine of goods wood packaging is limited. In many cases replaced the wooden box and metal box.

First, the characteristics of corrugated paper

l, good compression resistance

In terms of the characteristics of the corrugated paper itself, the compressive properties of the micro-corrugated board exceed that of a normal solid core box at the same weight. Therefore, according to their characteristics, people can combine different types of rakes according to different purposes, and the processing and scanning can result in different packaging products for packing products of different weights, types, and grades. For users who have higher requirements on the compressive strength of packaging, speaking, it is an ideal choice to use the tile packaging.

Ice cream is a food that needs to be frozen. When it is transported, it is easily affected by the external environment and causes deformation of the shape. Because of the small size of the corrugated corrugated packaging. The large number of corrugated strips per unit area increases the compressive capacity of the package and provides better protection for the product, making it ideal for ice cream packaging. In addition to the thin-walled corrugated packaging, due to its high compressive strength and good cushioning properties, it also has superior properties such as low temperature resistance and moisture resistance.

2, strong buffer

The use of thin corrugated cardboard as a liner to replace the traditional buffer material, both environmental protection and increase the compressive strength. Is a very ideal buffer material section.

just now. Many perfumes, cosmetics, etc. are lined with thin corrugated cardboard. Both increase the compressive strength of the package. It also upgraded the packaging. Many digital and small home appliance products are lined with thin corrugated cardboard to replace traditional cushioning materials such as EPE and EPS. · As a result of the thin corrugated paper with a high-strength corrugated base paper selection. So the cost is more economical and more environmentally friendly. in a certain sense. Corrugated paper products are easy to recycle and recycle. It is ideal. Green packaging material.

3, good printing effect

In the past. Traditional corrugated type corrugated board can only be printed on the concave board. It cannot directly offset the exquisite photo-like high-definition pattern (due to compression deformation will destroy the strength of the paper puller, greatly affecting the accuracy and stability of the stamp, and easily The synchronism caused by cardboard deviation, uneven thickness, and influencing the printing speed caused the pattern to be blurred, resulting in great unnecessary waste.The miniature corrugated cardboard pull can be directly printed on the offset printing, which can not only obtain beautiful patterns, but also cannot be printed. In order to reduce or destroy the strength of the cardboard, the corrugation is deformed, and the direct printing method of the offset printing makes the fine-grained corrugated packaging printing more exquisite and highly displayable.In foreign countries, the corrugated corrugated packaging has begun to use more direct printing methods for offset printing. The printing effect is more beautiful and greatly improves the grade of the packaging, so more and more industries have started to use the fine-grained corrugated packaging as a sales package, in addition to the traditional food, toys, and home appliances, etc. , Gifts, and many other industries that require gift packaging have begun to use thin corrugated packaging.

The exquisite printing effect is the reason why many cold drink users insist on the use of the emblem thin corrugated packaging. Products like Nestle's Moonlight Box and Lu Xue's Melaleuca Snow Ice Cream are all wrapped in thin-walled corrugated cardboard. On the one hand, as a sales package, it requires beautiful and beautiful printing. On the other hand, as an inner package, it is required to be able to withstand low temperatures. Thin-walled corrugated packaging mostly uses offset direct printing printing, printing effect is good, colorful printing. With a strong color performance, after applying UV varnish, it not only achieved the level of anti-level effect. In addition, the compressive strength of the package is increased.

at the same time. Fine corrugated cardboard has better physical properties and better printability. Melaleuca snow ice cream box color printing, its exquisite design, beautiful color, reflects a strong realistic visual effects, to seize the desire of consumers. Gives a beautiful enjoyment.

4 Cost savings

With the gradual and standardized development of the logistics industry, with the advantages of high hardness, high strength, light weight, low cost, and ease of printing, the embossed corrugated cardboard has replaced the previous B椤c楞 singles. Corrugated paper packaging. The improved packaging can not only meet the requirements for the safe transportation of the original product, but also can reasonably reduce the cost of packaged materials and transportation each year.

Fine corrugated board is used to make a poster type corrugated display rack, which is convenient for transportation and saves cost. Because the emblem is thinner and smaller. Therefore, printability is better. The printed ink is more exquisite and is a better choice for display packaging such as poster type corrugated cardboard display racks. In foreign countries, due to the high die-cutting precision of mechanical equipment, it is not only the use of corrugated cardboard at the support when making poster-type corrugated cardboard display stands. Instead, a large number of applications, such as G楞, N楞, F楞, etc., are used to replace the traditional PVC plate, making the entire poster-type corrugated board display shelf lighter. Not only is it easy to transport, it is also easy to recycle and the price is lower.

Second, the development of micro-corrugated paper in China

China's emblem corrugated paper is undoubtedly just starting, the key is to manufacture the emblem type corrugated technical requirements are very high. Because the corrugated type of the corrugated corrugated type is smaller, the corresponding number of turns increases, and the initial force for feeding the corrugated corrugation increases. It is difficult to use traditional corrugated board to pull the machine to manufacture, and new corrugating rolls and new models must be developed. However, the domestic corrugated paper standard in China is not uniform, and the quality of paper products is uneven. The manufacturer's environment, the scientific level for corrugated, and the processing of the machine have yet to be improved. At present, the use of miniature corrugated packaging boxes for small commodities in China is mainly based on E楞. The corrugated paper is produced by a traditional guide claw type single-faced machine, and the cavity-print background is compounded. The former road board equipment obviously can not meet the need for offset printing machine direct printing, the domestic packaging industry, corrugated boxes and cartons are often separated. Corrugated cartons do not produce cartons. The carton factory does not produce corrugated stencils, and there is no combination of pre- and post-processes for the production of corrugated cardboard boxes. In the face of the rapid development of foreign micro-corrugated cardboard and the actual needs of the Chinese packaging market, equipment manufacturers should step up the development of fine watts. Paper-pulling lines and improved box-making machinery to promote the development of emblem-type corrugated boxes. At the same time, the wrong tile box needs to be equipped with the corresponding back indentation, die-cutting and sticking box process to ensure that the carton is beautiful and tidy. Strong and solid. China's micro-corrugated paper market needs urgent development.

Third, the development of micro-corrugated paper in foreign countries

The trend of miniature corrugated cardboard has risen. State-owned enterprises such as the United States, Sweden, Germany, and Spain have begun to expand the production scale of F楞 and G楞, and began to explore the deeper direction of miniature corrugated paper. At present, some countries have begun to apply smaller crucible materials such as N楞 (0.46mm in height) and O楞 (0.30mm in height). In the field of traditional fiber cardboard boxes, such as alcohol, small appliances, shoes, hardware tools, emblems, electronic products, computer software, counter sales, fast food, etc., the emblem type corrugated boxes have started to compete with traditional thick corrugated cardboard. market.

In the European market, the paperboard of these materials is estimated to increase by 7.2% annually, and due to the rich visual appeal and the lighter weight of the printing materials, the cardboard of these materials is still rapidly development of. However, important technological developments also play a pivotal role, including finer corrugated type (Type 0 corrugated) and improved face paper. Due to the technical innovation of offset press suppliers. Embossed corrugated cardboard with good material quality can now be printed directly with new or upgraded offset presses. This development has further promoted the development of the emblem tile market.

In the next five years, the demand for corrugated cardboard in Europe will increase by an average of 5.6% annually. According to the same period, the average demand for corrugated paper in the European market was only 2.3%. The cardboard folding carton market is even lower. The average annual demand is only maintained at 1.2%. Therefore, in the next five years, the company will gain 7 billion square meters of growth.

Source: China Printing Materials Network

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