EWP Efficient Sewage Purifier Engineering Application

Processing scale

In the Pearl River paper mill treatment project, two sets of purifiers with a processing capacity of 100m3/h (13m high) and two 50m3/h (high 11m) were used to handle paddles and paperboards for yellow and white paper respectively. Wastewater. People’s Paper Mill uses six purifiers with a processing capacity of 100 (high 15) to process paddles and papermaking wastewater from yellow and grey paperboard.

It is equipped with 2 sets of sludge thickening tank and dosing system, adjustment tank mud scraper, sludge dewatering machine and other equipment. The processing volume of the two projects was 7200 and 15000, respectively. The total investment was 5.9 million yuan and 9.8 million yuan, respectively, covering 1600 and 2800. The No. 1 carton factory in Guangzhou applied the EWP high-efficiency sewage purifier, which was reused in the papermaking production after sewage treatment, which enabled the factory to reach the advanced level of 1 ton of water for 1 ton of paper.

Process flow

Contrast test procedures include the addition of equipment to adjust the tank scraping mud, pump after dosing system, and sludge dewatering machine.

running result

The technical features of EWP high-efficiency sewage purifier is that it does not use any filter material or filler, and the flocculation sediment produced by the reaction of the flotation agent and the flotation in the wastewater using the advanced production method form an adsorption filter to purify the continuously entering sewage.

The key is that the EWP high-efficiency sewage purifier can form a stable fluidization of the flocculated sediment in the sewage. This pollutant plays the role of activated carbon, and can promote the discharge of old flocculation sediments from the fresh flocculated sediments. Maintain the effectiveness of the purifier. Although it is only a physical and chemical treatment process, it can improve the efficiency by 10-20% compared with air-floating and precipitation-like processes.

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