Acrylic basketball court construction process precautions

As acrylic basketball courts, acrylic tennis courts, etc. are popular in sports, the number of acrylic basketball courts continues to increase. Basketball and badminton, tennis, and football have always been popular sports items. In recent years, basketball courts, tennis courts, and badminton courts have been constructed in large numbers. With the construction of numerous sports venues, there has been an increase in the demand for acrylic stadium paint for sports venue builders. At the same time, because the acrylic stadium paint itself has some characteristics, construction personnel need to be careful in the construction process, but also need to follow some principles and pay attention to some matters in the construction process. Specifically, precautions in the construction of an acrylic basketball court include the following three aspects:

First, ensure that construction workers have professional knowledge during the construction of acrylic basketball courts. It is generally ecstatic and frustrating that all personnel participating in construction must undergo various trainings in fire safety, electrical protection, and anti-virus safety education and related risk response techniques before they can carry out construction operations.

Second, during the construction of the acrylic basketball court, air circulation in the construction site must be guaranteed. Although most of the basketball courts are built outdoors, air flow inside the venues can be guaranteed, but precautions need to be taken in advance to prevent accidents. In addition, some basketball courts are still built indoors. This requires construction workers to pay special attention to the ventilation conditions inside the venue. Before the construction personnel enter the construction site, ventilation should be carried out in advance to increase the flow of indoor air.

Third, do not smoke during the construction of acrylic basketball court. Due to the flammability of sports venue materials such as acrylic stadium paint, construction workers are not allowed to smoke while working on the premises to prevent fire accidents, causing casualties and property losses.


Placing Acrylic Basketball Court Notes

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people have paid more and more attention to their own physical health. The importance of physical exercise has been universally recognized. Many fitness venues are covered with acrylic paint, and acrylic basketball courts are everywhere. However, in the construction process, many things are worth noting.

First, new concrete sites need to be cured and dried before they can start laying acrylic coatings. In the newly built basketball court, if the concrete venue has not completely dried and solidified, the venue will not be firm or damaged during the use of acrylic courts in the future, and the water in the dry concrete site will also cause acrylic coating. A certain degree of damage.

Second, do not construct an acrylic basketball court on rainy days to avoid construction under conditions of hot sun or temperatures greater than 90%. Rainwater and high temperatures can affect the stability of acrylic acid, which in turn affects the laying of acrylic basketball courts.

Third, the indoor acrylic basketball court should maintain a good air circulation. The lack of air circulation will not only affect the curing of the acrylic paint, but also affect the normal use of the acrylic paint. It will also cause odors in the indoor air, which will adversely affect the health of the body.

Fourth, the surface coating of the acrylic basketball court should be kept for at least 10 hours after water soaking. If the air temperature is low, it will take longer. Otherwise it will affect the basic performance of the basketball court such as elasticity and flexibility, thus losing the special characteristic of using acrylic coating. Sports competition effect.

V. The acrylic basketball court can only be put into normal use seven days after it is laid. The short-term use will cause damage to the acrylic surface coating, affecting the flatness of the basketball court, the evenness of the coating, etc.

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