Simple and not monotonous Ishili sinking geese wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The general design of the simple wardrobe , giving people the impression is simple and monotonous, today Xiaobian brings you a simple design wardrobe, but it will never let you feel it is monotonous, it is Yi Shi Lee's sinking geese wardrobe, this wardrobe design is very simple, with the "clear water out of the hibiscus, natural to engrave" this design concept, let users return to the soul of the soul.

product description:

Product brand: Yi Shili

Product Name: Shen Yu Luo Yan Wardrobe

Product specifications: can be customized according to customer needs

Product style: Korean style

Product material: MDF (Sinking Goose Board)

Appearance experience:

Yi Shili Wardrobe

Unlike the other door-to-door carved wardrobes of Yi Shili, this wardrobe is designed to be relatively simple and simple. The overall appearance is decorated with the texture of this sinking goose board, and there is no other extra decoration. But simplicity is by no means equal to monotony. For those who like simple style, sometimes returning to the original may be the best decoration.

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