Shanghai exhibition furniture launches the first design of the exhibition hall to lead the Chinese original

On the morning of the 12th, the five-day 18th China International Furniture Fair (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Furniture Fair) officially kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Domestic well-known brands including Gujia, Xilinmen, Minhua, the Federal, Lihao, Zuo, and Dynasty have participated in the exhibition. This year's Shanghai Exhibition has suffered the same decline as the previous exhibitions in Dongguan and Guangzhou, but the “Design Pavilion” of Shanghai Furniture Fair has undoubtedly become a highlight of the exhibition, bringing hope to the original design of the Chinese furniture industry.

Plagiarism, Shanghai Exhibition, the first design gallery to lead China's original strength

This year, all domestic furniture exhibitions plagued the scandal. On the first day of the opening of Shanghai Furniture on September 11, Enovo was invited to the media to go to the Maxdale booth to kick the pavilion. Coincidentally, the rights defense incident also occurred in the just-concluded Dongguan exhibition. On September 6th, Dongguan Famous Furniture Exhibition went to the next day. Aoma found that its 98-degree light walnut series and Senna series were "plagiarized" by another brand. The similarity of counterfeit was over 98%. On the third day of the Dongguan exhibition, Scandinavian children's furniture official microblogging refers to the "lifetime Lavta Tree House" which was copied by pinecon children's furniture.

The furniture industry copied into the wind, which is why the Milan exhibition had the root cause of the company's rejection of the Chinese. The good news is that this year's W5 Pavilion "Design Pavilion" we saw the hope of Chinese original design. The design institute is intended to encourage the transformation of Chinese furniture from “Made in China” to “Created in China” and lead Chinese furniture companies to the path of original design.

At the Shizun home booth, many viewers can take pictures with their cameras. Wu Bin, director of World Home Furnishing, said that by providing international design level products and overall soft design supply chain, it can better win the high-end market and avoid the risk of being plagiarized by low cost. "Others can imitate the appearance, we provide customers with the entire soft design, this is our special feature." Wu Bin said that the current Shizun home products are all from the hands of domestic designers, the popularity has exceeded the Italian designer's products .

What is interesting is that NetEase Home Reporter found a brand named “Stellar Works” in W5, and the Chinese name is “Fujian Furniture”. This is a company invested by Japanese and French, bringing together many well-known designers from around the world. The factory is located in Shanghai. It is committed to building a high-end international furniture brand of Made in Shanghai. The retail price of an ordinary chair is 2,000 yuan. Above, the products are exported to the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, South Korea... Made in Shanghai is a global design master, produced in Shanghai, and went international, which will set a model for the domestic furniture industry to ponder.

The products are mainly sold out, and there is no beauty to help out.

Most of the companies participating in the Shanghai Furniture Fair mainly focus on their export functions. The products exhibited by Gujia, Minhua, Zuohua, Novartis and other companies are completely different from the products exhibited by the former Dongguan Furniture Fair. The products are more concise and mainly aimed at the needs of foreign markets. Wang Yaping, general manager of Novartis Home, believes that each exhibition has its own different functions. It is also a waste of resources for enterprises to participate in exhibitions that choose to participate in different functions.

NetEase home reporter visited a number of participating companies and found that in the past, some companies mainly exported products, but also brought one or two sets of products for the domestic market. A company official told reporters that the international market has now encountered In 2008, the financial crisis was even more serious. Therefore, many export companies hope to attract domestic agents in addition to attracting foreign orders.

In addition, the entire exhibition site has almost no fancy details. There is no corporate performance or beauty show. The whole exhibition is based on low-key product display or space display.

Shanghai exhibitor traffic decreased year on year

As the global economy continues to be low, the market has not yet bottomed out, and the furniture industry is still undergoing a severe test. Furniture dealers are also particularly cautious, from the Shanghai floor exhibition in March this year, the Shanghai kitchen and bathroom exhibition in May, and the July According to the Guangzhou Construction Expo and the two major furniture exhibitions in Dongguan and Guangzhou in September, the flow of visitors to the exhibition has declined. The sharp decline in the flow of people became the main theme of the fall 2012 show, and the industry downturn was at a glance at the show.

This year, the organizers of the Shanghai Furniture Fair have made a lot of efforts to set up an "office gas station" and a "design award event station" specially designed to improve the service level of the exhibition, but they still fail to bring enough popularity. The flow of people has decreased.

In addition, the corridor between the booths and booths of Halls E and W in this year is particularly spacious. Some company executives told NetEase Home Reporters that some of their peers did not come to the exhibition this year. But there are also some companies that have expanded against the trend, increasing the investment in the exhibition; there are also some industry-leading brands that always retain important seats in a fixed position at the exhibition.

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