Nine hot issues and solutions

"I" hot stamping is not strong

There are many reasons why hot stamping is not strong. To sum up, there are mainly three kinds of hot stamping.

1. When the hot stamping temperature is low or the pressure is light, the stamping temperature and pressure can be readjusted.

2. In the printing process, due to the excessive dry oil added in the ink, the surface of the ink layer is dried and crystallized too quickly, so that the hot stamping foil is not hot stamped. The solution is to prevent crystallization from occurring as much as possible during printing. Secondly, after the crystallization is completed, the stamping foil can be removed. After heating, the printed product is pressed once again to destroy the crystallized layer, and hot stamping is performed.

3. The addition of wax-containing mitigation agents, anti-sticking agents, or non-drying oily substances in the ink can also result in poor hot stamping. The solution is to first apply a layer of highly absorbent paper on the printing plate to press it once again. After the wax on the color ink layer is not adsorbed by the oil, the hot stamping operation is performed.

(2) hot stamping of the picture is made false, dizzy

During the hot stamping process, it was found that the picture and text were faint and dizzy. The main hot stamping temperature was too high and the gold foil paper was coked. If the hot stamping temperature of the printing plate is too high, so that the hot stamping paper film exceeds the limit that can be tolerated, hot stamping at this time, the hot stamping paper film will expand around, resulting in fainting, hair virtual phenomenon, you must according to the characteristics of the gold foil paper, The temperature is adjusted to the proper range. For the coking of the foil stamping, the main reason is that the stamping process is stopped for too long, so that a certain part of the foil stamping contact with the electrothermal high-temperature printing plate and the phenomenon of heat coking occurs, and the graphics and writing will become dizzy after hot stamping. Therefore, in the event of a downtime in the production process, the temperature should be reduced, or the foil stamping paper should be removed. Alternatively, a thick paper can be placed in front of the higher temperature printing plate to isolate the foil stamping from the printing plate.

(3) illegible writing

The main reasons for this failure are the high stamping temperature, excessively thick gold foil coating, excessive stamping force, and looseness of gold foil paper. According to the specific circumstances to take appropriate measures to resolve. Excessive hot stamping temperature is the main cause of illegible writing and stencil. During the hot stamping process, if the printing plate temperature is too high, the film base layer and other film layers will be transferred and adhered, resulting in illegible writing and stencil. Hot stamping should be based on the scope of application of the temperature of the hot stamping paper, appropriately lower the stamping temperature. In addition, a thin foil stamping paper should be selected to adjust the proper pressure and adjust the pressure of the pressure roller and the tension of the winding roller appropriately.

(4) The edges of the picture are uneven and unclear

The main performance is hot stamping, the edges and edges of the picture and text will affect the printing quality. The main reasons for this phenomenon are: uneven pressure on the printing plate, which is mainly due to the irregular layout of the plate, causing uneven pressure across the layout, some pressure is too large, and some are too small. Uneven force, the surface of the hot stamping foil is not clean, and the adhesion of the various parts and the substrate is not the same, resulting in uneven printing. Therefore, the hot stamping plate must be leveled and the stamping pressure must be even to ensure a clear picture. In addition, if the pressure of the printing plate is too large during hot stamping, it may cause the image printing to be uneven. During the hot stamping process, the hot stamping pressure must be adjusted to a suitable level. To ensure that the pad embossing machine should be accurately according to the pattern of the area, do not shift, good move. In this way, it can be ensured that the graphic and pad overlays are matched during hot stamping and the hair around the graphic is avoided. Also, the pressure of the same plate after stamping is uneven. This is because the size of the graphic area is very different, and it is necessary to increase the pressure of the large-scale graphic text. The pressure of the size and area can be corrected and adjusted by the pad-sheet method to make it equal. Finally, if the temperature is too high during hot stamping, the image imprinting will be uneven. Therefore, according to the characteristics of gold foil paper, reasonably control the printing temperature of the printing plate, in order to ensure that the four sides of the picture and text are smooth, smooth and free from hairiness.

<5> Incomplete and lack of graphic imprinting

This failure is mainly caused by the bronzing paper conveying speed, printing plate and other reasons. For example, the printing plate is damaged or deformed, which is one of the important reasons for the incompleteness of the graphic print. Therefore, if the plate is found to be damaged, the plate should be repaired or replaced immediately. The deformation of the printing plate does not allow the printing plate to withstand the applied stamping pressure, and the printing plate should be replaced and the pressure adjusted. If the gold foil paper cutting and conveying deviation, when leaving the edge of the gold foil paper is too small when the lateral cutting or cropping oblique deviation occurs when unwinding, it will make the gold foil paper and printing plate graphic does not match some of the graphics exposed incomplete. In order to prevent such problems, it is necessary to make the gold foil paper neat and flat when it is cut, and appropriately increase the size of the margin. Improperly conveyed speed and tightness of hot stamping paper can also cause such failures. The gilding paper pick-up device is loosely displaced or loosened between the core and the reel, the unwinding speed changes, the tightness of the bronzing paper changes, and the position of the graphic document deviates, resulting in the incomplete graphics. At this time, the position of winding and unwinding should be adjusted. When the hot stamping paper is too tight, the pressure of the rewinding roller and the tension of the rewinding roller should be properly adjusted to ensure proper speed and tightness. If hot stamping materials and hot stamping materials are not suitable or if excessive dusting during printing may cause such failures, adjustments should be made. In addition, the position of the printing plate at the bottom plate moves, drops, and the pad of the embossing mechanism shifts, so that the normal hot stamping pressure changes, and unevenness results in the incompleteness of the graphic imprint, such as light pressure. , can increase the pressure. Therefore, in the hot stamping process of hot stamping paper, the quality of the stamping should be checked frequently, and quality problems should be immediately analyzed, and the printing plate and the underlaying material should be inspected. Found that the printing plate moves or the pad shifts, adjusts in time, puts the printing plate and the padding back in place to fix.

(6) hot stamping or text flowers

During hot stamping, the graphic display of the bottom of the printed fabric or the underlying hot stamping is not possible. The main reasons are: 1. The hot stamping temperature is too low. The hot stamping temperature of the printing plate is too low for the electroformed aluminum foil to separate from the substrate and transfer to the substrate. The minimum temperature required on the hot stamping is not completely transferred when the stamping paper is printed, which may cause the texts to be printed, exposed or hot stamped.

When this quality problem is discovered, the temperature of the hot plate must be adjusted properly in time until it is printed. 2, stamping pressure is small. During the hot stamping process, if the hot stamping pressure of the printing plate is too small, the pressure applied to the electrodeposited aluminum foil is too light, the hot stamping paper cannot be transferred smoothly, and the hot stamping graphic is incomplete. Found that this situation should first analyze whether it belongs to the stamping pressure is small, the outside observation of imprinted traces of the severity, if the stamping pressure is small should increase the stamping pressure. 3, the background is too dry, the surface crystallization, so that the hot stamping paper can not be hot. When hot stamping, the dryness of the background color is printed immediately within the printable range. When the background color is printed, the ink layer should not be too thick. When the printing volume is large, it is necessary to print in batches, and the production cycle is appropriately shortened. Once the crystallization phenomenon is found, the printing should be stopped immediately, and the printing should be continued after searching for defects. 4. The type of hot stamping paper is incorrect or of poor quality. When the type of foil stamping paper is not right or the quality is not good, it also causes problems in the quality of hot stamping. At this time, the appropriate type, good quality, strong adhesive gold foil paper should be replaced. Stamping larger area of ​​the substrate, can be hot stamping twice, you can avoid hair, exposed bottom and hot stamping is not on.

<7> Hot Stamping and Matte

Most of this situation occurs because the hot stamping temperature is too high or the hot stamping pressure is too high or the hot stamping speed is too slow. The temperature of the hot plate should be moderately reduced, the pressure should be reduced, and the hot stamping speed should be adjusted. In addition, it is necessary to minimize the number of empty cars and reduce unnecessary parking because empty cars and parking will increase the temperature of hot plates.

<8> The quality of hot stamping is unstable

Use the same material, but the quality of stamping is good or bad. The main reasons are unstable material quality, temperature control of the hot plate, or loose pressure adjustment nut. The material can be replaced first. If the failure persists, it may be a problem of temperature or pressure. The temperature and pressure should be adjusted and controlled one by one.

<9> Leaking at the end after hot stamping

The main reason is that the pattern of the object to be heated is too deep and the pattern of the object to be heated is replaced. When the pressure is too low and the temperature is too low, the pressure can be increased and the temperature can be increased.

All in all, hot stamping paper has hot stamping faults. The reasons are many. In addition to the hot stamping temperature and pressure speed, we must also pay attention to the printing materials or the replacement of gold foil papers. We must carefully analyze them in order to prescribe the right medicines and better exclude each one. Kind of thing.

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