Newborn military training sunscreen tips

Why do you want to use sunscreen for military training?

The new military training is coming soon. Some girls who love beauty have begun to prepare sunscreen, but there are still a few girls who think that they will turn to autumn, and the sun will not be very strong. There is nothing wrong with sunscreen. In fact, the use of sunscreen in military training is very necessary. Why, now Xiaobian tells how bad UV rays are.

The main damage of UV to the skin is:

1. Increase melanin synthesis. It can cause pigmentation, such as dark spots, freckles, chloasma and other colored spots to increase, increase, and deepen.

2. Keratinocyte proliferation, destruction of dermal collagen fibers and elastic fibers. Can cause skin hypertrophy, sagging, roughness and wrinkles.

3, telangiectasia, can produce erythema.

4. The skin's immune function is reduced. Can form skin cancer or precancerous lesions, such as keratosis, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma and so on.

Buy sunscreen tips

Choose sunscreen based on skin type

Oily skin

Strong oil secretion, easy to cause pores blocked, leading to blackheads, acne, affecting the permeability of the skin. It is recommended to purchase a water-based, oil-free sunscreen with strong penetrability. It is refreshing and non-greasy, and does not clog pores. Never use sunscreen, use products that are physically sunscreen.

Dry skin

The skin has less sebum secretion and dry skin. This kind of skin is more severe in the case of sun, dry air and continuous air conditioning environment. Therefore, the most important thing about dry skin care is to ensure that the skin gets enough water. It is recommended to use a moisturizing texture and add a moisturizing effect and a sunscreen that enhances the skin's immunity.

Acne muscle

The permeability of the skin is generally not good. It is recommended to choose a water-based, oil-free sunscreen with strong penetration.

Sensitive skin

Thin skin, easy to be stimulated by the outside world, redness, fever, itching, it is recommended to buy sunscreen products for skin care brands with sensitive skin.

Precautions for using sunscreen

1. Sunscreen should not be applied to the sunscreen. Sunscreens, like normal skin care products, take a certain amount of time to be absorbed by the skin, so sunscreen should be applied half an hour before military training.

2, when applying sunscreen, do not ignore the neck, chin, ears and other parts, careful to cause uneven skin tone.

3, apply sunscreen once every three hours, because the efficacy of sunscreen is not lasting. If the sweat washes away the sunscreen, it should be painted again.

4, the amount of use should be sufficient, usually the amount of sunscreen applied to the skin is 2 mg per square centimeter, in order to achieve the desired sunscreen effect.

5, do not mix with other brands of sunscreen, mixed use will increase the possibility of skin allergies. The ingredients of various brands of sunscreen are inconsistent. If they are mixed and overlapped on the skin, they may cause the components to interfere or mutually repel each other, reduce the sunscreen effect, and even cause skin allergies.

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