White-collar beauty moisturizing has exclusive tricks

White-collar beauty moisturizing each has its own tricks, look at how white-collar teachers in the usual skin care, what brand of cosmetics to use .
Biotherm Moisturizing Quartet


(24 years old, teacher)

Skin type: Combination skin

My plan: buy natural mild series of cosmetics, develop suitable skin care products in different seasons, so as to avoid skin shortage of water, aging and other diseases, use moisturizing products.

My magic weapon: Biotherm hydrating quadruple

Use feeling: New Mineral Toner Cleansing Gel Cosmetics can mix and remove makeup and T-zone oil to retain moisture. Toning water is very cool, especially for MM with mixed oily skin. The new mineral water essence has a certain therapeutic effect on the skin with acne. It has deep cleansing and moisturizing effect. After use, the skin is very clean and smooth.

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