Basic knowledge of sun protection and whitening

I bought so many expensive sunscreen whitening products, but there is no effect at all. Why? In fact, if you want to sunscreen and want to whiten, you must know some basic common sense. Otherwise, you can complete the work only by your own feelings, and you will definitely not get the effect you want. So what common sense of sunscreen whitening is necessary?

Basic knowledge of sunscreen whitening:

1. As long as you have been engaged in outdoor activities, regardless of the degree of sun exposure, you should rinse your body thoroughly after returning home: After wiping your body with a relaxed motion, rinse the foam with warm water, then rinse with cold water, and apply some Body care products. Or wrap the ice cubes in a towel and chill on the hot skin to slow down the feeling of uncomfortable heat.

2, avoid going out between 10 am and 2 pm: Everyone knows that the ultraviolet light is the strongest in the morning from 10 am to 2 pm, and the damage to the skin is also the most powerful, so if you don't have to go out.

3, do not ingest food containing artificial food additives: healthy people's internal organs will maintain normal metabolism, so that melanin is discharged smoothly. Excessive artificial additives in the food can cause a burden on the internal organs, causing melanin to precipitate, forming dark spots and freckles .

4. It is best to avoid using lemon, celery, cucumber and other vegetables before sun exposure: Because these fruits and vegetables contain certain ingredients, it is easy to cause pigmentation while absorbing sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

5. Know how to use natural fruits and plants to improve skin: Natural watermelon skin contains vitamin C, which can calm and moisturize the skin. Natural aloe vera also has the same effect. The middle aloe vera is applied to the skin, which has anti-inflammatory effect and cool and refreshing function. Improves skin redness.

Children'S Toothbrush

Our company produces a variety of children's Toothbrush, about 20 different cartoon shape handles, suitable for children of different ages.

The main function is to clean and protect the children's teeth, the characteristic is to brush the head is small, the modelling cartoon. Brush handle USES environmental protection grade material, can contact food and mouth directly, without any harmful material release, more healthy and safe. The bristles of a child's toothbrush are both soft and super soft, which makes it easier to remove things from the teeth. Use a child's toothbrush: master the time and frequency of brushing, use toothpaste in moderation, and avoid swallowing, brushing, and toothpaste.

Child Toothbrush

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