Children's manual teaching plan - radish pig baby

Ask your child to guess a riddle first:

Long mouth, howling,
Roll tail, upturned,
Fat belly, long feet,
Full of food, sleep well.
(playing an animal)

Red stick, buried underground,
Green leaves are planted on top,
Cut the red stick,
Sweet and delicious little side dishes.
(play a vegetable)

Guess the answer? That is pigs and radishes . What is the connection between these two things? Below, we use radish to make a cute little pig!
Radish piglet _ material
Radish piglet _ material

Material preparation:
White radish, carrots, green beans, plastic bottle caps , red beans, toothpicks, utility knife.

Radish Piggy Baby _Steps
Radish Piggy Baby _Steps

Production steps:
1. A plastic bottle cap sizes, truncated radish, fitted and fixed to the cap for the nose.

2. Take two sections of the carrot, cut off the 1/3 of the section, and fix it on the radish with the toothpick as the ear.

3. Dig out two small holes in the radish and put on the "red bean eyeball".

4. Cut the green beans into four short sections with short and thin thicknesses. Fix them with your toothpicks and see what they look like.
Radish Piggy
Radish Piggy

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