Beauty makeup magic makes beautiful eye makeup no one can compare

Beauty makeup tips are magic weapons, two-color eyeliner with large double eyelids, beautiful eye makeup no one can compare. Come check it out.

STEP 1: First find the key point of your big eyes

Use a double eyelid gadget to hold the right eye against the eyelids and see where the folds are in the eyelids. Don't feel tired, the eyelids are too big to destroy the golden proportion of the research department is not perfect.

STEP 2: Cut the arc directly on the medical tape

Cut the tape according to the length of your eye shape, and the length is slightly shorter than the eye shape. In addition, there are also eye-catching products, so you don't have to cut medical tape every day, but usually the models are the same, so choose to buy them.

STEP 3: Apply tape to the folds of your double eyelids

If you want to make the eyelids bigger and fuller, the position of the double eyelid tape should be centered, and the tape is applied at the position of the folds of the double eyelids.

STEP 4: Cover the eye contour with a base eye shadow

After pasting the double eyelid tape, draw the eye makeup , try not to use the metallic pearlescent eye shadow, avoid the tape wear, the matte eye shadow effect is the most natural, and choose the refraction starlight eye shadow effect is the most gorgeous.