The pores disappear to create glamour skin

Usually after the age of 25, the pores will gradually appear slack and coarse problems. In addition to the pollution of the external environment, the elastic fibers and collagen in the dermis will begin to loosen and break, resulting in poor skin tension and elasticity. If the pores that lose the surrounding support force, the elliptical pores will appear coarse. This situation is most likely to occur in the cheeks near the hairline.

A good way to deal with large pores

You can apply a face with a hot towel and then make a mask, which can remove sebum and prevent the accumulation of skin excretions and lead to larger pores. Then, the cotton pad is wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in the refrigerator. Finally, the lotion is replenished with a cotton pad refrigerated in the refrigerator, covered with a full face, and gently tapped to achieve the function of shrinking the pores. Or you can put a clean special small towel in the refrigerator. After washing your face, apply an ice towel to your face for a few seconds.

Dark grass fragrance: There is a recipe: beer shrink pores. Pour a clean small bowl into the beer, immerse the medicinal cotton yarn in the beer for about 3 minutes, remove the cotton yarn, twist it a little and apply it on the surface for about half an hour. If the moisture in the cotton yarn is blotted, you can soak it in the first two steps. After the application.

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