Do you have a big star home town house treasure?

The star business is booming, and all of them are wealthy. Why are they rich? Expose the big stars to a variety of "town treasures."

Expose the big star "the treasure of the town house"

Jackie Chan’s house treasure – how many figures in the rosewood Jackie is difficult to estimate, but the calculation of the rosewood collection filled with his warehouse in the Clearwater Bay studio in Hong Kong, Jackie Chan has no intention to say: “I don’t think there are billions. More, hundreds of millions!" Rosewood is rare, is one of the world's valuable wood, known as "one inch rosewood one inch gold", a pair of rosewood chopsticks, more than 2,000 yuan, last year Sotheby's auction in Hong Kong a Qing Dynasty rosewood carving Square table, nearly 2.8 million Hong Kong dollars turnover. It is understood that Jackie Chan's tens of thousands of rosewood collections have been collected for more than 20 years, most of which originated from the nine ancient Ming Dynasty ancient temples and ancient stage, worthless. And the rosewood itself has the effect of a town house.

Expose the big star "the treasure of the town house"

Liu Jialing's treasure of the town house - antique watch Liu Jialing, a beautiful and extremely sexy woman, for more than 20 years, she has not produced many works but has been walking in front of the screen, frequently endorsing advertisements, plus the love marathon with Tony Leung. Also let her be active in the entertainment circle. Liu Jialing is said to be of high quality. She has always been fascinated by the investment in collecting watches. This charming woman who shines under the spotlight not only has a beautiful appearance but also a more investment mind. Her treasure of the town house is an antique watch.

Expose the big star "the treasure of the town house"

Carina Lau likes to collect watches. When I was a child, I lived in Suzhou. I often listened to my mother talking about some old things. What impressed her most was the watch. Gradually, Carina Lau had some research on the watch and began to further collect. Liu Jialing said that her collection of watches has also passed a star-selling addiction. Speaking of the original collection experience, Carina Lau said that she always hesitated to take shots. After all, she already had many watches. Just as she hesitated, she accidentally saw the idol Audrey Hepburn is the spokesperson of the watch she likes. So he rushed into the mall and bought his first collection. There is one after two, after Liu Jialing's enthusiasm for collecting watches is only increasing, Liu Jialing said frankly: "I only become a shopaholic when facing a good watch." And Carina Lau particularly likes to collect antique watches, think they Very delicate, with a woman's charm. When the reporter asked how many watches Liu Jialing had collected, Carina Lau said: The number is unclear, and it has not counted.

Expensive tuition fees to buy Tibetan watches have been through the years of Liu Jialing's collections, especially the collection of antique watches, but no one is a natural winner, experience is accumulated from the defeat. In the early days of collecting watches, Carina Lau knew very little about the market and antique watches. She believed that the higher the value of the watch, the higher the price and the higher the price. At an auction, she used millions to buy a lesson. Learning from experience and lessons, now Carina Lau has a lot of experience in collecting watches. In addition to her own love of watches, Liu Jialing's collection of watches is a very flexible investment method. In the collection point of view, there will always be better collections. When it is suitable, it will be beneficial to your future collections; but the classics must be tested by time, and there is no harm in holding Baili for a long time. Therefore, regardless of whether it is near-profit or far-reaching, watch collections can take the lead. In 2002, Liu Jialing took off a piece of watch, and the price was 20.3% higher than the original price.

Liu Jialing's town house treasure - super large refrigerator Jialing sister and a town house treasure is a custom-made refrigerator, this refrigerator is placed in her luxury house worth 73 million yuan in Suzhou, it is Jialing sister Hao throwing 85,000 yuan A dual-compress all-steel refrigerator with custom built-in automatic ice machine is available. The most unique thing is that you can tailor it, so Hollywood stars living in Beverly Hills, including Madonna and Brad Pitt, have almost one. When the refrigerator was moved in, it was carried out by 12 strong men for two hours because it was so large that it could be lifted from the garden to the doorway, and the ice cubes produced were large and slippery. Such a characteristic refrigerator is not a waste to use to make a piece of ice on the playground. With the volume and weight of this refrigerator, it should not be a problem for the town house!

Expose the big star "the treasure of the town house"

Guo Fu Town House Treasures - People who love sports cars in sports cars are also different. Some people love to open, some people love to collect. Aaron Kwok belongs to the latter, and his obsession with sports cars is notorious. He loves cars very much, so he also loves to buy a car. According to Hong Kong media, Aaron Kwok’s luxury sports car is the most popular among local artists. These cars include: 5 Ferraris, one of which is an enzo worth $1 million; three Lamborghini, two Porsche. In addition, there is a global limited edition of 25 "paganizondaf" that was purchased in July last year for 12 million Hong Kong dollars. To this end, Aaron Kwok also received the "Asian Super Car Owner" award from the French designer of the car.

Although Guo Fucheng "only" 12 sports cars, each one is a famous car, Ferrari f50, Ferrari enzo, Porsche 911gt2, gt3, etc., and almost every one is limited. Especially when I bought the "Ghost of the Ghost" (paganizondaf), when Guo Fucheng talked about the car, he actually said that zonda is like a brand-name handbag: "In fact, this zonda carbon fiber car shell is my favorite place. Although many super sports cars They all use carbon fiber, but this zondaf is as refined as a brand-name handbag. The carbon fiber pattern of the whole car can be matched, so I chose this black car when I bought it.” Aaron Kwok revealed that to maintain these super The cost of a sports car is absolutely amazing. "This zondaf is changing lubricants. I need to ask two senior technicians from Italy to go to Hong Kong. The cost of airline tickets, accommodation and so on will be added up. I will change the lubricating oil by about 150,000 Hong Kong dollars.

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