Well-known beverage companies are eyeing small package beverage bottles

Recently, Coca-Cola has strongly promoted vials of 335ML Coke, combined with London Olympic themes, advertisements on television and the Internet are gradually being familiar with.

We all know that Coca-Cola has always been very protective of its own bottle shape and packaging. The introduction of new packaging will only be launched after a long-term market survey. 335ML beverage bottle packaging, in line with the modern health needs. The current beverage bottle packaging is mainly based on more than 500ML, which is obviously too large for some female friends who are concerned about health and body type. In addition, for outdoor sports friends, the 335ML beverage bottle is very easy to carry, just like the Coca Cola ad, it can be easily bagged.

The change made by Coca-Cola based on the user's consumption habits is that our domestic beverage manufacturers need to learn about the packaging of beverage bottles.

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