How do the major characters of the quality door avoid the quality injury?

Background: Recently, Emperor Sanitary Ware, which is in the stage of listing and sprinting, has been complained about by consumers. Coincidentally, the internationally renowned brand Kohler has recently been exposed to a lot of "faults." High-end sanitary ware brands frequently explode product complaints and quality disputes. How can we avoid quality injuries?


Famous brand bathroom quality problems

"Newly bought washbasin, the business actually said to try not to touch the water", "The Kohler shower that just bought for two months has rusted", "I thought it would cost a lot of money, there will be high quality products and enjoyment, I am big." Wrong and wrong"... As people's requirements for product quality continue to increase, consumer complaints about the quality of brand-name products have also skyrocketed. In recent years, the big brands of sanitary wares have been caught in complaints and disputes, resulting in product quality and price being questioned by consumers. Many unsatisfactory random inspections, such as the unqualified sampling inspection, the difficulty in guaranteeing the quality of OEM products, and the high price, have also caused many large-scale sanitary ware brands, including Kohler and other international brands, to fall into disarray.

Imperial ware on the quality of the black list

The unqualified products of Emperor Sanitary Ware are the "CT8402 ​​Toilet" whose name is "Sichuan Emperor Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.", the trade name is "monarch", the specification model is "CT8402", and the production date is April 8, 2011. The reason for the failure is that the technical requirements for the safe water level and the relative position of the installation are not up to standard. At the same time, it is also the sanitary brand of Orlusa, Gaodi, SISSI and so on.

Well-known brand "black list is famous"

The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued a quality inspection result for ceramic toilet products. American Standard, Guanzhu, Hecheng, Yigao, Zhongtao and other brand toilets were sampled for unqualified products. In this sampling, “the toilet water consumption”, “the toilet water seal reply”, “water absorption rate” and “installation relative position” are the few unqualified items with the highest frequency of occurrence. Guangdong Huamei Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. produced an American standard toilet "water consumption for toilets" is not up to standard. Fujian Hecheng Sanitary Ware and Guangdong Yigao Sanitary Ware's two toilets “Response to the toilet seat water seal” are not up to standard. Foshan Guanzhu Ceramics produced a toilet "water consumption for toilet" and "response water seal reply" two indicators are not up to standard, becoming the "black list is famous" brand.

the reason:

Standard lag should be the main cause

At present, the root cause of quality problems in furniture products lies in the small scale of enterprises, the backwardness of technology, the lack of regulation in management, and the lack of product standards. In addition, the lag and lack of relevant standards have also caused many furniture manufacturers to “cross the river by feeling the stones”, and the quality of the products is uneven. Some of the published standards have also lagged behind the development of the furniture industry, but they have not been revised and improved in a timely manner. Some new furniture products have not yet produced new standards, and there are no guidelines for the development of the furniture industry.

Sacrifice product quality in exchange for corporate benefits

Some sanitary ware companies do not focus on the shaping of quality, but work hard on the price. In recent years, there have been frequent incidents of product problems in sanitary ware enterprises. Even some brand enterprises have fallen into the black list of quality. Short-term behaviors that sacrifice product quality in exchange for corporate benefits have occurred from time to time.

Are the faults of the foundry

According to sources, many international brands, including Kohler and American Standard, also have OEM production in Chaozhou and Foshan. The reporter tried to search online and found hundreds of information about the products offered by Kohler OEM. A marketing manager of a sanitary ware company told reporters that OEM production may pose doubts about the quality and price of OEM products.


Strict implementation of national standards to improve product quality

Last year, some ceramic enterprises in Chaozhou did not know enough about the implementation of national sanitary ceramics standards, and did not strictly organize production according to the new standards. As a result, some products were found to be unqualified during the sampling inspection. Recently, at the relevant seminar held by the Municipal Ceramics Association, experts pointed out that ceramic enterprises must strictly implement standards, improve product quality, and ultimately win the market.

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