Buying Chinese furniture requires choosing the right materials

Chinese furniture should be used by modern people. How to preserve the traditional style and style in design, and make it more comfortable and comfortable? What issues should be paid attention to when purchasing and placing?

Suitable size and bold innovative use

Antique old furniture is basically not suitable for modern home use. The new Chinese furniture should be improved in size and height. It can be changed in size and height according to height and living habits. Due to the large or small difference in the shape of the new Chinese furniture, many new functions and new usages have been derived, that is, for the present. For example, the large cabinets used to make medicine cabinets are now used as bookshelves and TV cabinets.

New materials that are easier to maintain, new prices that are easier to own

Modern Chinese furniture pays attention to "new wood new" or "old wood new". At present, the old material of eucalyptus is used more, and it takes a long time for the natural dry wood to be stable, especially suitable for Beijing's dry climate. The furniture of “old new materials” is generally about a quarter of the price of antique furniture. If the budget is not sufficient, but prefers the texture of old wood, it will be a good choice.

Newly treated mahogany, such as new mahogany, eucalyptus, and eucalyptus, grown in South America and Africa, are the main materials for “new wood new”. These woods are relatively common and have an advantage over traditional old furniture in terms of price. Under normal circumstances, modern products of the same kind are 2,000 to 4,000 yuan cheaper than ancient ones.

One-piece purchase and pure Chinese layout points

Chinese and Western styles: If you don't want to change the original modern atmosphere, you can take the Western and Chinese 7:3 distribution in proportion, and also choose some light and elegant items on the jewelry to match the tension of Chinese furniture. In addition, a small amount of Chinese single-piece furniture can be placed in a relatively convergent position indoors, such as some corners, not grabbing attention, but also reflect the subtle beauty of Chinese furniture, while solving the problem of closing the corners of the living room.

Pure Chinese style: For a large number of families who choose Chinese furniture, it is necessary to pay attention to the lighting, the ground and the wall to face it, warm light, elegant pale yellow wall, dark floor and rustic colors such as bluestone. It is the best supporting role for Chinese furniture. The richly colored ornaments, such as gold, dark green, purple, dark blue, and red, all help to reduce the sense of dignity caused by Chinese furniture. On the other hand, Chinese-style furniture is heavy in color and tends to be dull and dark. Therefore, Chinese-style study rooms preferably have large-area windows that allow air to circulate and introduce natural light and outdoor scenery. In the past, people will also create some small landscapes in and out of the house to set off the quietness of the indoors.

Your living room is the central gathering place in your home. It`s where you relax. Watch TV. Entertain guests. The furniture you choose for your living room should be comfortable and reflect your style.

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