Look at the skin care mask can also play mix and match

Many people think that after the mask is used, the effect is flat. Then we give the mask a "mix and match"? According to your skin problems, the masks with different functions can be used successively to make the mask work better. Once a week, stick to a month, you will see effects and surprises!

Oily skin suggests that you do this

Oily skin suggests that you do this

Do not use a sleeping mask on oily skin, and the mask should not be used for too long. Because the wrapping of the mask will make the skin warm up → the temperature rises and the skin secretes more oil → tragedy.

You can use the mask after refrigerating, or try our mix and match method once a week: first use the clean mud film to absorb excess oil, then use the exfoliating mask to peel off the old dead skin cells, and finally use the moisturizing mask to adjust the skin water and oil balance.

Aesop Evening Primrose Cleansing Face


Use Aesop Evening Primrose Cleansing Face first

This mask is very easy to use because it removes extra oil from the face without leaving the skin too dry. Use it for ten minutes, then wash it off with warm water, the pores will become much smaller!

Then use Avene Avene to exfoliate the mask.

This mask is like a brightening agent. It softens and exfoliates the surface of dead skin cells. It gently exfoliates with massage particles and softens the skin. After five minutes, the skin will be removed and your skin will be very bright and shiny.

Finally, we will use Clarins moisturizing mask again.

Washable facial mask, rich cream texture, comfortable and pleasant application and wrapping, long-lasting application will not dry and agglomerate. It helps lock and consolidate the nutrition of the first two masks, smoothes your skin, removes dirt from the skin, and ultimately makes the skin very soft. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to smooth out the fine lines formed by dryness, and it can be used safely even in the eye area. It is an urgent care choice for water-deficient skin.

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