Evaluation: The function should have all the Jianwei Limu book stand

Jianwei's book stand is very simple in appearance, smooth linear shape, simple space, in the details can be seen that this product design is practical. The 1290mm*602mm table top can be used to place large-size displays and keyboards; it also has a design position for the main cabinet.

The most basic thing is to constitute the essential elements of the product, focus on the big, start small, the foundation is not good, it is useless to look good, here, we will take a look at the most essential materials of this product.

The selling point of Jianwei Limu series is its pear wood veneer. The dinette is made of red eucalyptus, and the pear wood veneer has a natural texture. The skin is varnished and finished with a matte finish. The plate of the bookstand adopts seamless splicing technology to eliminate the dead corners and make the countertop more durable and dirt-resistant.

The texture of pear wood veneer is softer, yellow or orange, which is more eye-catching. If you are a fashion-conscious netizen, then this book stand is not for you, because the pear wood veneer has a Chinese-style retro charm. The matte treated table has a certain degree of improvement in wear resistance and water resistance. The fly in the ointment is that the overall plate is thin.

LED Plastic Pot Feature:

1. Polyethylene (PE) is a kind of thermoplastic material, not easy to broken, suitable for long time delivery

2. Non toxic, safe for human healthy

3. Rechargeable battery and remote control

4. Multi-colors change & color selection

5. Anti UV & waterproof

6. Adopt the EPISTAR led chip to ensure the color quality and life time

7. Certificate: CE, ROHS, etc

8. Warranty: 1 year

Where to use for :

Bar, nightclub, golf club, disco, KTV, bistro, patio, pub, hotel, restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, tea house, plaza, garden, entertainment park, amusement park, home, villa, swimming pool, wedding, party, events, decoration, design, project, rental/hire.

LED Plastic Pot

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