Toys: Forever "dreams don't fall empire"

[ Chinese and foreign toys network news ] The old saying goes: "Diligence and merit, play is not beneficial", many parents still quote this sentence to teach children, do not indulge in fun. However, when I saw the toy collector and the "Toy Heaven - Hong Kong Toy Culture and Creative" exhibition ( "Hong Kong Toy Culture and Creative Exhibition" ) curator Joel, I heard him tell the story of the toy. I feel that this old saying is not necessarily the truth. why? Because playing toys can inspire children's potential and creativity, it should be a "playful and beneficial" performance!

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The magic of toys

Joel: "Sometimes students ask me how the toy is played, I tell them, you decide. You don't need a manual to play with toys." (Photo: Dennis)

   It cannot be denied that toys have a magical power for people (especially children), making memories better and affecting children.

Joel is a toy collector, but in fact his childhood toys are mostly homemade. He grew up in the 70s and lives in Diamond Hill. He likes to go through the mountains with his friends, or watch TV in front of the Shidu store. When he sees the trend of "xing", he will imitate and make new toys on the spot. He said with excitement: "At that time, Li Xiaolong, we used two bamboos and a rope to make a nunchaku." Because of the many bamboo forests near the house, bamboo naturally becomes a common material for them to make toys. Take bamboo, you need to saw, they really "small knife saw big tree", if there is no knife to carry, use a sharper stone. It seems that toys can not only inspire creativity, but also train crisis management skills.

Chen Yonglin, Honorary Chairman of the Hong Kong Toy Association. (Photo: Dennis)

Chen Yonglin, who grew up in the 1940s and 1950s, was not wealthy when he was a child. He only owned 2 pieces of tin toys, which were double-decker buses and American military vehicles. It is obvious that he loves cars, which affects him at the university and chooses to repair. Read mechanical engineering. Now, as the honorary chairman of the Hong Kong Toy Association, he can continue the childhood toy dream.

Toy Collection: Start with your own culture

This exhibition, on display more than 1200 by the Qing Dynasty to modern toy collectibles, such as: toys, creative toys, tin toys, plastic toys, toy factory Hong Kong's most representative business. By watching toys from different ages, you can see the history and cultural development of Hong Kong. Remind you that it is best to participate in a guided tour, as Joel said: “In addition to watching the toy itself, you have to do data collection.” This will make you feel enjoyable and understand the whole context.

There are many glass boxes in the exhibition, and the exhibits are classified by type, from which the development of the toys can be seen. (Photo: Dennis)

When Joel explains the exhibits, it will be accompanied by the social environment at the time for explanation. The information is as detailed as a living history book, because whenever he collects a toy, he will collect data and see how the social environment at that time produced. This kind of toy. It turned out that he did not collect Hong Kong toys at first, but in Europe, America and Japan. When he was asked by the director of the Japan Toy Museum about the problem of collecting toys, he realized that the collection of toys should start from his own culture.

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