Five strokes into a winter maintenance of mahogany furniture

In the winter, your mahogany furniture is also more vulnerable. If the furniture fan Xiaobian does not crack a year when the mahogany furniture enters the house, it does not need to be reconsidered.瀚晟堂红木家具

Experts said that only according to the situation of each family, the corresponding maintenance of mahogany furniture, in order to make it more interesting.
Redwood furniture is the most vulnerable in winter, and your baby mahogany furniture is the most vulnerable in winter. Why do mahogany furniture always make a squeaky sound in the past few days, why are there some small cracks in the corners of the furniture, and why is it a bit uncomfortable when pulling drawers recently? Faced with various questions raised by consumers, furniture fans The explanation is given: winter is the most fragile time of mahogany furniture. The thermal expansion and contraction, the frequent friction after the weather is too cold, and the high humidity environment created by the humidifier may be the main cause of the “hanging color” of mahogany furniture. Therefore, experts suggest that mahogany furniture should be properly maintained every winter.
Five strokes into "winter maintenance"
The winter maintenance of mahogany furniture can not be underestimated, and the furniture fan Xiaobian teaches five strokes of “maintenance” to help consumers. The first move, clever cleaning. First use the feather duster to gently rub the furniture floating surface dust, and then wipe it with a clean cotton cloth. Remember not to rub the mahogany furniture with a damp cloth. The second trick is to get a good wax. In the winter, it is best to rub the beeswax on the back and sides of the mahogany furniture to prevent cracking. The third move, change direction. When placing mahogany furniture, keep the heat source and the equipment with high humidity at least 1 meter. The fourth move, light move. Do not pull hard when moving the mahogany furniture in the direction of change. It is best to move it before moving. The fifth move, less friction. Wax on the bottom of the mahogany drawer or on the drawer frame to reduce friction damage caused by frequent use in daily life. In short, for the maintenance of winter mahogany furniture, it should be step by step, indispensable.
Business winter maintenance service can not save "As long as the first year does not crack, my home's mahogany furniture will not have problems, do not care about it." When asked about the annual maintenance issues, many businesses give the above answer. However, the fact is that if you want to keep Jingui's mahogany furniture in the best condition, you should carry out proper maintenance according to the actual situation every year. Because each family's living environment is different, the "micro-injury" caused by mahogany furniture is also different. Some injuries may not be immediately expressed, but the mahogany furniture will still be "reduced life". Therefore, annual maintenance is essential. It can be seen that on this issue, businesses cannot be lazy.

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