3D4U three-dimensional pattern printing software into full three-dimensional printing DIY

The long-standing 3D printing has a history of 50 years. Its magical changes are the easiest to catch people's attention. However, due to the high production cost and the large amount of printing required, it has not been popularized over the years. 3D4U, a three-dimensional pattern printing software developed by Media Bop in the United States that has just arrived in Hong Kong, uses a printer to directly print ink on the lens (Len ticular Lens). , Also made 3DPrintingD.IY possible.

Save production costs

When introducing the 3D4U software, Mr. Zeng, the head of 3D4U 3D pattern printing software distributor 3MM Co., Ltd. explained that 3D printing has been around for a long time, which is nothing new. However, the traditional three-dimensional printing needs to print the pattern on the paper first, and then glue and align with the lens after printing. Once the position is deviated, it will be invalidated. The scrap rate is often about 3% or 40%, which is very amazing. . The most important thing is that if the pattern is printed on paper first, and then attached to the lens, the quality of the picture is often inferior to that of direct printing on the lens. Moreover, the traditional three-dimensional printing is printed in offset style, and a certain amount is often required when ordering. If only a few copies are required, it will be expensive to pay, which is not cost-effective. It is for this reason that he intends to promote 3D4U software in Hong Kong to further popularize this technology and expand more business opportunities.

3D4U three-dimensional pattern printing software into full three-dimensional printing DIY

Equipped with special lens

Mr. Zeng said that the automatic calibration and recording functions of 3D4U can facilitate users to easily split the image into different layers and combine them into a stereo image. After the image is completed, it can be repeatedly adjusted on the fluorescent screen until it is satisfactory before printing directly on the lens. The special lens equipped with 3D4U has a layer of printable white and transparent paint on the back, which can improve the brightness of the image, make it clearer and clearer, and also prevent the image from fading or falling off. In addition, there is another professional version of the software, which can print a large three-dimensional poster with a width of 44 inches and an unlimited length with a large-format printer. Generally speaking, users only need two or three hours to learn how to use the software, and it takes about 2 to 3 hours to create a three-dimensional image, and about 20 minutes to print an A4 size. However, if you want to produce high-quality stereoscopic images, the resolution of the original image is the key. Taking a 4D x 5 inch 3D image as an example, the resolution of the original image should be 2,200dpi or above. But beyond that, there are no other restrictions on the pictures used. Mr. Zeng said with a smile: "3D4U is a set of software specially designed for making 3D images. Even an ordinary picture or photo can be easily transformed into a body image through this software. However, in terms of selecting a printer, One thing must be paid attention to. "He continued to explain:" The printer takes EPSON as an example, generally divided into 720, 1440, 2880 and other models, HP or Canon has 600, 1200, 2400 models. Pay attention to the relationship between these numbers and the three-dimensional layer, If the number of divided layers cannot be divided by the model, it means that the printer may not print the image normally. For example, the divided layer is 7, and the 720 model printer is selected, because 720 cannot be 7 Except that, when printing images, some abnormal display may appear. This is the key point that must be paid attention to when making stereoscopic images. "

3D4U three-dimensional pattern printing software into full three-dimensional printing DIY

Still have room to play

3MM Co., Ltd. has just been established and has not yet put into service. Asked about Mr. Zeng's future positioning, he said that he mainly sold 3D4U software, lenses and after-sales services to customers. Regarding the problem that software may be pirated, Mr. Zeng's response is: "You can't worry too much. Now that pirated software is so rampant, we sell one set. But even if people really get the software, they still have to ask Let's buy materials! Only these special lenses are only available to us for the time being! "Since they are specially made, will the price be very expensive? "At present, the price of an A4 size lens is about 20 to 30 yuan, depending on the quantity ordered. However, after popularization in the future, the price is expected to be further lowered." Turning to the issue of promotion strategy Mr. Zeng said frankly: "Because this technology is so new, we still feel like a blind man and don't know where to start." But his confidence in the prospects of the product is full. "The application range of stereoscopic images is very wide, from the small production of DIY in the home to the large publicity posters of the subway, which can be included. Of course, there are more uses waiting for us to discover. And now we continue to research and discuss to improve this Technology, I hope to create more different options in addition to simulating the effects of 3D, animation, color change, and image alternation. As far as we can see, 3D4U does still have a lot of room to play, so our development prospects for it, Absolutely full of confidence. "

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