How to design a cloakroom

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Some villas in the real world have designed a walk-in cloakroom for the head of the household, but some do not, in any case, the area of ​​the cloakroom must be at least 4 square meters. This will ensure the role of the cloakroom. Today, Xiaobian introduces the four cloakroom designs in the villa:

1. Long cloakroom designed for long bedrooms

In the design of the villa, the bedroom of sufficient length uses a fake wall to separate a space for other purposes, such as a small study. This is used to create a walk-in closet. Using two sliding doors to open a cloakroom with a depth of 1.5 meters and a length of 4.5 meters, the main workload is to install the slide rails under the fake wall. The interior of the cloakroom features a walnut-colored wire frame and a metal mesh basket, and is matched with a yellow-green bedroom.

Second, for the Founder large bedroom design square cloakroom

In the design of the villa, the sliding door can separate the space in the bedroom as a cloakroom according to the size of the size. From which angle, the cloakroom can be used, which significantly expands the range of the bedroom space. Founder of the bedroom is actually not a good use of space, where the use of sliding doors directly across both a walk-in closet a closet, little construction work. It is equivalent to dividing the bedroom into two.

Third, the small bedroom can also have a sloping cloakroom

In the villa design, the bedroom is only 20 square meters, and with this oblique design, a spacious cloakroom can also be arranged. This is a square bedroom, plus the area is not too big, if you want to design a regular walk-in cloakroom inside, it will be more cramped. Here, the idea of ​​oblique design is adopted, which not only ensures that the area of ​​the cloakroom is not too small, but also the room can maintain a loose feeling.

The bedroom is entirely white with a visually spacious effect, and the room has good daylight, so the end result is ideal. The front of the cloakroom is slanted from 140 cm to 60 cm from the widest point. In this way, even an old-fashioned house with a bedroom area of ​​only 20 square meters can be placed very spacious. The door of the cloakroom does not have to be fully movable, as long as the middle four can fold the switch.

Fourth, the use of irregular space to transform the cloakroom

In the villa design, the irregular part of the bedroom is cut off to get a walk-in closet. The bedroom has an irregular protruding part, which was originally a design difficulty, but if you put a few sliding doors on the irregular part, you can not only have a neat bedroom, but also have a walk-in closet and see Going up like a closet, it doesn't look like the bedroom is crowded. In the design of the villa, the cloakroom for middle-aged people is designed with four sliding doors in a variety of styles. Two are attached with a smooth oak veneer, and the other two are stretched with oak woven fabric to create an idyllic atmosphere with the overall atmosphere of the bedroom. The earthy effect of the style. The interior of the cloakroom also has a traditional cabinet and drawer structure, which is more suitable for middle-aged couples.

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