What is a mesh ruler and what is its use?

Mesh ruler is also called theodolite. Mainly used to measure the mesh number of various screens. There are two kinds of mesh ruler, glass plate type and plastic sheet type. The measurement method is: when measuring, first make the wire mesh in a translucent state or put it on the viewing platform, place the mesh ruler on the wire mesh, and then slowly move the mesh ruler on the wire mesh to make the mesh The vertical line on the ruler is parallel to the warp or weft of the screen. At this time, due to the overlapping effect of the screen's warp and weft and the vertical line on the mesh ruler, a prismatic pattern is formed on the mesh ruler. The horizontal diagonal of the pattern refers to The corresponding scale number on the mesh ruler is the mesh number (inch or centimeter) of the screen. The mesh ruler is a common tool for measuring the mesh number of the wire mesh. Usually the accuracy of the measuring instrument must be maintained. The accuracy of the measurement data must be kept clean to prevent scratches and bruises on the mesh ruler. Wipe the instrument clean and keep it in a safe place.

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