Redwood furniture purchase needs to distinguish the color difference pick white skin

"White skin" is the jargon of the mahogany furniture industry, also known as "white side", the scientific name is "sapwood". From the cross section of the wood, the dark part in the middle is called the “heartwood”, while the white part that surrounds the heartwood is called “white skin”. The National Redwood Standard defines mahogany as "the heartwood of the genus Pteroma, Dalbergia, Diospyros, genus and genus." Obviously, according to the "redwood national standard", only the heartwood can be called "redwood", and the white skin can not be called "redwood".

As for the excipients, it refers to the appendages that are auxiliary to the main material, in other words, should be independent of the main material. The white skin is integrated with the heartwood, so the white skin can not be used as an auxiliary material.

In short, if the merchant says that he is “full mahogany furniture” and there is white skin; or the main material is full mahogany, the result is white skin; or the white skin is produced according to the mahogany national standard. All are fraudulent, in the mahogany furniture, the normal range of "white skin" content is not more than 3%. Be sure to carefully identify before buying.

It's easy to tell if a piece of furniture contains sapwood - color difference!

There is a clear color difference between "white skin" and "heartwood", which is still easy to distinguish! “Southern Paint North Wax” is just an overview of the traditional furniture handling methods. Nowadays, all the high-quality mahogany furniture with high quality: “painting will reduce the value of mahogany furniture, so modern mahogany furniture will only be waxed. It doesn't even wax, so the 'color difference' will be nothing." "Even if the same tree material, there will be color difference in different parts. Even with the same square material, there will always be a color difference between the head and the tail. Only painted The furniture will be consistent in color tone. Therefore, it is the easiest way to distinguish the color or not by distinguishing the color tone. In terms of price, the white skin is 20-30% cheaper than the white skin."

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