Long Devil Training

Famous rock climber John Long recently revealed his weight training. In fact this training method was not invented by him himself, but from his light boat coach, but it has amazing benefits for climbers. The training course is a series of arduous weight training to increase the strength and endurance of the climber at the same time without increasing the weight. (To control the diet properly). This training is very suitable for climbing players as a "non-competition period" course.

The whole training is divided into four stages: the first stage belongs to the adaptation period, strengthens your cardiovascular, endurance, and physical pace, and gives you pain; the second stage maintains your endurance and begins to build muscle strength; At the stage of pursuing pure muscle power, you can easily evoke this strength after the first two stages of large-scale adjustment; the last stage will integrate all muscle strength and endurance. In addition to weight training, it is best to supplement intense aerobic activities such as cycling or skipping on rest days. After the end of the training course, Ron completed a 15% increase in muscle strength, a 30% increase in endurance, a 5% decrease in body fat, a resting heart rate of 50 beats per minute, and a constant weight. OK, let's get started!

【The first stage】

Two days of training, one day off, another two days of training, two days off. That is, soaking in the gym four days a week. The back and chest were trained on the first day and the shoulders and arms were trained the next day. After a day of rest, repeat the two-day training cycle and you will be able to enjoy a two-day holiday!

Day One: (back and chest) Select the four back movements that are most effective for the entire muscle group, each doing 3 groups x 30 times. That's right, 30 times! The difference between 20 times and 30 times is like 5.8 and 5.12. You need the encouragement of a training partner or coach, otherwise you may not be able to sustain 20 or less. Due to the accumulation of lactic acid, the muscles will have a burning sensation around 20 or so. At this time, you must keep deep breathing to avoid this condition. Of course, the choice of the appropriate pounds is the key, so you can only do it at most 30 times. What's more important is the correct posture for your peers to notice and correct your posture. At the beginning you may not be able to finish in one breath, you must breathe and then continue. But after a few weeks you should be able to barely finish, and that's when you should increase your pounds. Similarly, choose 4 chest movements to do 3 groups x 30 times. Remember to do some stretching between the groups.

The following day: (Shoulder and arm) 4 kinds of shoulder movements were performed in 3 groups; biceps and deltoid muscles were selected in 3 ways to make 3 groups.

During the training you must have a good rest, supplement with lots of carbohydrates, enough protein. Ron's experience is mildly sporty anemia, but it's okay to eat canned salmon or some chicken every day. When you can complete this training without resting in the middle of a group, continue to do it for another month. This will be the longest month of your life!

【second stage】

At this stage, the same two days of training, one day off, two days of training, two days off. However, the number of times per group has been reduced to 14 times. Adjusting the number of pounds to 15 can just exhaust all your strength. In general, the number of pounds can be increased by 30% from the previous stage. When you can continue to increase the number of pounds and reduce the rest between groups, it means that you are quite in a situation. Then continue for 3 weeks in 15 servings.

【The third phase】

The same progress, but the number is reduced to 5 to 6, and use the maximum points you can still lift in the last group. Don't worry about how long it will take for each group to rest. Move toward the Iron Man! Follow this for 3 weeks, increase the number of pounds each time, and pay attention to the perfect posture. This is the most painless stage, but you must work very hard.

[The fourth stage]

Each group still performed 3 groups, but the number of times was 30, 15 and 5 respectively. You have now reached the "peak" stage. After two weeks, it changed to training every other day. At last, it changed to two days of training and three days of rest. At the end of the day, your muscle strength and endurance will have amazing gains, enough to challenge the dream goal!

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