Sports injury treatment

When dealing with injuries, it should be noted whether it is a "new injury" or an "old injury." The treatment is different. First of all, first establish the degree of injury (the appearance of the affected area is normal, such as skin rupture, bone exposed or abnormally prominent), and then according to RICE treatment principles:

Rest: Stop the exercise.

Ice (ice): It can inhibit the expansion of the pores and reduce the degree of bleeding.

Compression: Contains fixed and hemostatic function.

Elevation: Raise the affected area. Then it is necessary to decide whether to ask the doctor or get medical treatment. Among them, ice is the most important, because the ice can reduce the pain of the injured.

â—ŽSprain treatment:

First, apply ice immediately after a sprain to reduce pain and reduce swelling. It is best to avoid soaking hot water for three days so as not to accelerate inflammation. Of course, try to rest after the sprain.

â—Ž muscle strain or inflammation of tendon or periosteum:

If the muscle strain or tendon or periosteum inflammation, the average person is of course rest, but for professional athletes, the long-term training will be muscle atrophy, nerve reaction slows down, and then make sports technology, sports performance decreased significantly. Therefore, after the injury, the athlete does not need to completely stop the exercise, but the action that causes the injury should be stopped or reduced (especially the game should be completely prohibited).

â—Ž fracture:

If it is a fracture, you must wait until you fully recover before you can continue to exercise. However, you must note that there are many fractures that cannot be seen from the outside.

※ Ice method:

Equipment: (ice packs, coolant or ice packs wrapped in plastic bags).

Time: (10-15 minutes at a time, repeated 3-4 times, intermediate interval 3-5 minutes).

As for whether or not to paste ointment, it is advisable not to stick it to the “four days” that the injury is recommended because the ointment on the market is actually the same as the hot compress. Similarly, it is best not to apply heat during the four days of the injury. The correct method is that after four days of injury, the injury is not improved (no pain relief or more pain), you should go to the hospital to take X-rays, let the doctor check There are fractures or other injuries.

Frankly, as long as it helps blood circulation, any kind of ointment is useful (for external use). However, if you want to recover from an injury, you have to rest. If you want to restore your muscle strength or physical condition before injury, you must gradually strengthen the weight training and softness training of the affected area after recovery.

In particular, because of the softness training, the softness of the tendons and ligaments in the vicinity of the affected area is significantly reduced after the injury. The poor softness is also a common cause of sports injuries, and the same site is repeatedly injured. The suggestion is to do more stretching exercise before exercise, wear protective gear when exercising, and heat up after exercise.

After injury, the flexibility of the tendons and ligaments will be greatly reduced, and the muscle strength will be weakened (or even disappear). If you continue to exercise before it has been restored, it is contracted by the nearby uninjured muscles (this is a kind of physiology. Natural phenomena), but if there is more than the limit that can be endured by the muscular tissue (as if it were said so), the muscular instincts will not shrink to protect them from harm.

This phenomenon will only improve if your strength and softness are restored. This is why many well-known players need to take a long time to recover their previous achievements after they have been injured.


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