Multi-function electronic tensile testing machine curve analysis of what rules?

Multi-function electronic tensile testing machine curve analysis of what rules?

Haida equipment universal testing machine by superimposing a plurality of curves, enlarged to achieve alignment characteristic of the sample to be analyzed. The following is a simple analysis of the creep law of wood according to the test curve: The electronic universal testing machine can display various parameters such as test force, displacement and curve during the test in real time.

   1. After applying instantaneous deformation to the wood.

   2. There is a transient elastic deformation after unloading.

   3. After unloading, there is a creep recovery with less deformation over time.

   4. After the above-mentioned creep recovery is completed, the residual deformation is a permanent deformation, that is, an unrecoverable part of the creep.

   5. The creep deformation value is equal to the sum of recoverable creep deformation value and non-recoverable creep deformation value.

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