Peel force tester tensile test of the specific operation process

Peel force tester tensile test of the specific operation process

The specific operation process is as follows:

   Tensile testing machine is powered on. Enter the interface to select the test method. Use the up and down buttons to select the test method, turn on the power, and turn on the power switch on the surface of the tensile tester. Select the tensile test, click the confirmation button to enter the parameter setting interface, set the test speed, return speed, automatic return, width / diameter, thickness, gauge length and other parameters one by one.


Adjust the two jaws to the right position. Adjust the space and press the up, down, and stop keys.


Enter the actual distance displacement input of the two jaws and use a caliper to measure the actual distance between the upper and lower jaws.


If you need to change the speed, speed input, adjust the position of the two jaws. Press the speed key directly to modify


And stop automatically. Return the gauge length and press the "return" button. The crossbeam in the tester will automatically return to the gauge position entered in the previous interface.


Automatically complete the test and the test will be based on the previous settings.


Results analysis will be based on the selected test method, the results of the analysis, tensile testing machine done after the completion of the test automatically. The results of this test are automatically calculated, and the test results and curves are automatically stored.

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