"Furniture role model" Kangnaiden sofa sports car as stylish and comfortable

Urban upstarts have always been described by furniture traders as "the most discerning customers." Please, please, those young people who are dressed in fashion and avant-garde always sigh that furniture is also fashionable, but they hope that all designs are practical. In other words, the world is really stylish and has Practical functional furniture ? I believe that the following Conraden TS1508 sofa can give a satisfactory answer.

   [Experience Time] May 22, 2012

[brand] Conraden furniture

[Experience Products] Conraden sofa TS1508

   [Material] Italy imported top layer yellow cowhide

[color] white

【Experience Location】 Connaught Hall, European City, Shenzhen    Part one appearance


   This Conraden sofa uses the uncommon white as the main color, imitating the appearance of the sports car to make it more design, suitable for a variety of styles of living room, it is worthy of the urban living room furniture.


   The complete set of sofas includes a double seat, a three-seater, a single seat and a chaise longue, forming a perfect "back" shape structure, which does not have much requirements for the shape of the living room. The extra wide depth turns it into an absolutely comfortable resting space.

   The whole sofa is composed of three parts. All three parts can be freely disassembled and combined. According to the size of the living room and your own needs, DIY belongs to your own warm living room.

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