Customized furniture industry management level is low, open source and throttling is the way out

Looking at the management level of the custom furniture industry relative to other industrial enterprises is still relatively low, some people say that the custom furniture industry is very simple, but for the custom furniture industry managers, it is really not easy to manage, the custom furniture industry practitioners especially the first line Workers are generally less aware, from store customer negotiations to delivery and after-sales links, resulting in the loss of many enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. In the current situation, if we do not strengthen internal control and improve productivity, there will undoubtedly be no Way out.

With the further implementation and follow-up effects of the national real estate control policy in 2012, the impact on the decoration, especially the custom furniture market, is enormous.

The operators of the custom furniture industry are also aware of the changes in the situation. In the past few years, large and medium-sized enterprises have been keen on advertising, building new factories, purchasing new equipment, and the popularity of first-line brands has been greatly improved, but the overall industry management level is not How much improvement, the industry practitioners did not have much improvement. During the Spring Festival this year, I met many industry management personnel and complained that I saw that several people are working "every year". There is not much room for selecting workers. Nowadays, young people under the age of 30 basically do not like to go to work in the workshop. Because of their physical fitness (vision) and other reasons, they are not suitable for meticulous work in the workshop. The Chinese processing industry faces the risk of workers breaking down.

The rise of China's economy to today, the rise of raw materials, land, and especially labor costs is an irreversible trend. As the operators and managers of enterprises, the only choice in the face of this reality is to open source and reduce expenditure. Open source is the marketing of products. In terms of packaging and other aspects, in the past few years, our industry, especially Guangdong's custom furniture companies, have been relatively successful. Throttling is to work on the internal control of the company to reduce internal friction and improve efficiency.

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