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This Coleman Korman Beach sunshade dual-purpose gauze can be fully opened or fully enclosed tent, the book can be UV protection, PU coating on the outside, seams through the waterproof treatment, water pressure exceeds 500mm. Both sides of the account are equipped with screen doors, which can be used for ventilation and protection against mosquitoes. All kinds of environments have strong adaptability. Accounts can accommodate 2-3 people and include yarn bags and bags. The current price of this tent online is: 809 yuan.

Tent appearance

The tent can be completely closed or fully open

The inside of the tent can be opened on both sides of the screen door, which can be ventilated and heat-dissipated

Logo logo on the tent

The four doors of the tent can be opened and fixed to increase ventilation

Small pockets inside the sleeping bag can hold some precious carry-on items

The four corners of the tent can hold the sandbags. Stones and sand can be placed inside.

Power Board and Power supply can be repair printer and maintenance printer.

can be wholesale and retail, large stock.

Stable quality and long service life. reduce maintenance cost and labor cost.

Professional quality test person testing before shipment. 80% board are exported all over the world. promise quality.

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Formatter Board&Power Board

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