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The outdoor brand SURETEX StarCrafter has always advocated the concept of outdoor life for people returning to nature and enjoying the original ecological travel. In spring and summer, it is also a good time for outdoor sports. Here, we introduce you to the donkeys at Greenfield Outdoors, a Suretex digital camo camouflage vest. SURETEX camouflage vests are made of comfortable fabrics, suitable for outdoor sports such as fishing, and also suitable for urban leisure activities. The whole body of the vest is tailored to a slimmer version and is more fashionable to wear. Its market price is RMB 499.

SURETEX outdoor leisure camouflage vest

Features - SURETEX outdoor vests use camouflage patterns, and camouflage patterns are always young people's fashion colors, full of all kinds of vitality and ideals, passion and dedication; camouflage camouflage photography vest, shuttle in the mountains between the jungle , fly yourself and enjoy nature.

The fabric - SURETEX has been carefully selected in the fabric selection of the vest, only to provide a better wearing experience for fans who are more outdoor sports. The soft and comfortable fabric used on the neck collar protects the neck more effectively and reduces strain during outdoor sports. This vest is made of 100% cotton on the fabric and camouflaged on it. The multi-pocket design on the garment body and the breathable design system for the longitudinal cut on the back make it suitable for outdoor recreation, photography, fishing and other activities.

Details - The lining of the vest is made of breathable mesh cloth, which enhances the breathability of the vest and makes it unobstructed. It can remove the sweat after the body movement through the mesh, thus avoiding the sweat condition. The cuff's thick edging enhances the cuff's toughness and makes the cuffs stronger. The body's main zipper uses SBS high quality zipper, smooth and easy to pull together. The multi-pocket design embodies the powerful function of the vest and is suitable for photography in the outings. Hidden powerful velcro fit pocket design, practicality is quite strong. SURETEX's back side longitudinal openings on both sides, large size ventilation window design, is a strong guarantee of good air permeability of clothing, its strong ventilation and breathability, can always keep the back dry and comfortable. The rugged, durable double-track adjustment snap-fastener on the underside of the back makes it easy to adjust the size of the hem for increased comfort.

SURETEX outdoor leisure camouflage vest back display

SURETEX outdoor leisure camouflage vest pocket design

SURETEX camouflage vest zipper design

SURETEX camouflage vest breathable design

Put on the SURETEX vest into nature, and experience the excitement of camouflage vest; bring it in the outdoors to leave a good figure and impression, or with an infinite outdoor encounter with nature in close contact Dressed in camouflage, shuttle in the perplexity and perseverance, the city and the forest, doing a camouflaged dream.

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