Copenhagen International Furniture Fair 2012

Exhibition time: August 27, 2012 to August 30, 2012

Venue: Scandinavian Bella Pavilion

Copenhagen International Furniture Fair is the largest professional exhibition in Denmark. It is also known as the largest furniture fair in Northern Europe with the Stockholm Furniture Fair in Sweden. The exhibition was exhibited at the Bella Pavilion, the largest exhibition hall in Scandinavia, with an exhibition area of ​​117,600 square meters. In the 2006 exhibition, 14,578 visitors attended the event, attracting 287 exhibitors to participate in the exhibition. The number of buyers from Japan, the United States, Germany and other countries increased by 7% compared with the previous session. At this exhibition, 55.6% of exhibitors received new orders, and 68.2% of exhibitors contacted potential customers. Another highlight of the exhibition was a press conference held in Beira with 226 journalists. The reception attracted more than 280 professional designers from around the world, architects and decision makers from furniture manufacturers. . The Copenhagen Furniture Fair is more than just a simple furniture fair. It also provides a free forum for participants to provide a resource platform for sharing experiences, sharing information and sharing inspiration. The forums are diverse in form and long in duration, and are popular with buyers and exhibitors.

Range of exhibition:

Carpets, home textiles, mattresses, sofas, coffee tables and small tables, wardrobes, conference tables, restaurant tables and chairs, children's furniture, porch furniture, furniture for public places, lounge furniture, bedroom furniture, soft furniture, willow Furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture, garden furniture, school furniture, handicrafts and accessories, kitchen utensils, bathroom furniture and equipment, lighting and lighting equipment, furniture accessories.

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