Glossary: ​​texture digital anti-counterfeiting technology

Digital Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Texture digital anti-counterfeiting technology is a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology that integrates random texture anti-counterfeiting and personalized digital anti-counterfeiting technology. It is based on computer random digital generation technology, database massive image storage technology, image cutting technology, voice recognition technology, intelligent image recognition technology, high-speed image scanning or shooting and acquisition technology, digital printing technology, computer data import technology, digital detection technology, and Technology, texture or texture composite technology, micro-printing technology, etc. as a whole integrated high-tech anti-counterfeiting technology. Using digital anti-counterfeiting technology, security service companies can provide customers with anti-counterfeit labels such as anti-counterfeiting labels, packaging, manuals, and certificates that can be used for a long time, are effective for a long time, and are extremely difficult to counterfeit.

Texture digital anti-counterfeiting technology must rely on modern and powerful communication technology, using image processing, information transmission, voice processing, digital communications, data storage and query, verification and other means and platforms, to provide customers with all-weather authentication services. At the same time, the grain digital anti-counterfeiting service companies can use the above integration technology to provide customers with statistical analysis reports, provide investigation reports on the distribution and status of counterfeit products on the market, and cooperate with enterprises to track down, report, present evidence, and crack down on counterfeiting and counterfeiting. Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of customers; we can also use texture digital anti-counterfeiting technology and inquiry platform to provide customers with other personalized service products such as product promotion, logistics management, warehouse management and so on.

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