Pay attention to the temperature during the bronzing process

If the bronzing effect is good, it is necessary to have a suitable gold foil with good thermal stability, and it is also necessary to cooperate with the bronzing machine type, such as flat pressing and rolling type, which have different effects, and the matching temperature, pressure, and hot pressing pressure. Elements of time.

Temperature - The most suitable temperature for bronzing operations is the ability to imprint a clear texture at the lowest possible level. The platen stamping machine has a heating plate temperature of about 110°C, and a roll-type stamping machine has a temperature of 140°C to 150°C. The most suitable temperature is to be found in the test mode. Excessive temperatures will change the foil stamping paper. Bad and blurred lines.

The pressure-pressure depends on the hardness of the material and the texture of the surface. Surface smooth or soft material, lighter pressure, rough or hard, it can be heavier pressure. The flat pressing hot stamping machine is the synchronous hot pressing of the whole sheet. The hot line of the hot rod machine is the line pressure and then the flat pressure. The rolling machine is similar to the line pressure of the Koo machine.

Stoppage time - based on the shortest possible effect of hot stamping, the time is too long, the gold foil and the hot stamped paper are damaged, and the flash foil will become a matte foil.

There are also patterns to be hot stamping and printing pattern sets are accurate, when using a rolling hot stamping machine or a large area of ​​hot stamping, there is a need to foil the negative film film first reduced to 99.8% to 99.7%, before the arrangement of electricity Edition, so that the electric version is heated and swelled on the heating plate. It turns out that the current scratch-off raffle tickets can also be made using the bronzing method.

The price of bronzing depends on which type of gold foil is used, whether gold foil is wasted, the degree of closure, type of layout, quantity, size, and so on. Therefore, there is no standard calculation method for uniform quotation.

Specifically, the fabric of the travel package should have the following three features:

First: the density of the travel bag is small and light

The material of the travel bag should have the effect of rainproof water

Polyester durable, good elasticity, not easy to deformation, corrosion resistance, insulation, crisp, easy to wash and quick drying, loved by the people. Now many travel bags are made of this kind of fabric, the most commonly used is the Double Shoulder bag that everyone knows about the camel card.The pull rod box refers to a suitcase with a pull rod and a roller. Because of its convenient use, carry clothes and so on to become travel, go out and be widely used. At the same time, the pull rod box also has a pull rod for the box, and it has the single pipe pull rod and the double pipe pull rod. The pipe of the pull rod also has the square tube and the circular tube's separation, so as to facilitate the walking while dragging, and lighten the burden greatly.

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