How can wooden doors coordinate with the style of the living room?

The position of wooden doors in the decoration of the living room has been significantly improved. How to choose and match the wooden doors has become an important part of the style of the living room. Therefore, in addition to the quality of the wooden door, it is also necessary to consider whether the function and style of the wooden door and the style of the color room are coordinated.

Consistent with the style of the bedroom

At present, the actual use functions of the door can be roughly divided into: main door, bedroom door, study door, living room door, kitchen door, bathroom door, balcony door, and the like. Generally speaking, solid wood doors should be used for the main door, bathroom door and bedroom door. The entrance door is also the facade. From the perspective of aesthetics and practicality, most people will choose solid and heavy solid wood doors with decorative effects. The warm and heavy solid wood door can also be used as a bedroom door to bring quiet and safe to the owner. The feeling of the bathroom door can be glass door, if the area allows, you can also use solid wood doors or solid wood doors with glass lattice.

Since the wooden door and the decoration style are closely related, it is recommended that the owner adopt a clear plan beforehand in which room to use. The shape of the wooden door should be consistent with the decoration style of the living room. The decoration style of the home is mainly divided into Chinese, European, simple, mixed, classical, etc. If the decoration of the room is European style, then the wooden door is also best to choose European style, for example, carved The wooden door and the European mirror are in contrast.

In addition, the choice of wooden doors should also be as close as possible to the wood of the interior furniture in order to achieve the best decorative effect.

Approaching furniture color

Good color matching is the key to room decoration, so after we have determined the style, we will consider whether the color of the wooden door matches the style of the room. According to the advice of professional designers, when the main color of the living room is light color, the wooden doors such as white oak and birch should be selected. When the main color of the living room is dark, you should choose teak. Warm wooden doors such as Sapele and Walnut.

The color of the wooden door is closely related to the color of the wall, the floor and the soft decoration of the furniture. The designer suggested that if you don't have much confidence, you can just close the color of the door to a "big environment", or the floor or furniture or decoration, and then distinguish it in the details, so that it will not go wrong; another point is Wooden doors, walls and floors are best kept in the same color system, but the best colors are not exactly the same, so there are some differences in the general direction of the general direction, to prevent the ground from being confused with the wall surface, and to reduce the sense of space in the living room.

Many families like to decorate the living room with a whole red "brick wall". If the wooden door is installed, it is best to choose a solid wood door with a darker and reddish color.

Contrasting with the color of the wall

In the "color relationship" between the wooden door and the wall and the ground, the color of the wooden door is similar to that of the furniture, and the color of the wall needs to have some corresponding contrast.

For example, if the room chooses a white wooden door, it is best to let the wall have a color, so that the room will be layered and not too "flat." Many owners are more conservative in the decoration. After choosing the white wooden door, it is still a white wall, which makes the room lack of vitality.

Many families like the simple feeling of white solid wood doors, so try to brush the walls into a light yellow, light blue, will definitely give you a new space experience.

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