The development of small and medium-sized furniture cabinets will be difficult to find

Laoziyun: Make good use of people and know the world. Before and after the Spring Festival, many cabinet companies were responsible for the lack of talents. The author also took time to go to Hangzhou, Hefei and other furniture cabinet companies to understand the situation: many companies often make mistakes; customer complaints ; talents It’s hard to find, can’t find what to do.

The shortage of talent is most prominent at the year and the end of the year. So what is the cause of these phenomena, for these problems have always been benevolent, wise see wisdom.

A, talent is really hard to find, in fact, it is not difficult. It’s rare how to keep it and what to use.

Talent is the company's first resource and wealth. Product production, sales, etc. are inseparable from talent. Especially the furniture cabinet enterprises are the most prominent. Some talents have performed well in the past few years. Later, due to personal morality, the boss did not dare to ask for it. Some talents worked well in the company's position, and they received favorable comments from the leaders. Later, they wanted to learn more, but the leaders persuaded them. Do it well and the result is gone. There are also some reasons for the talents themselves. The wages are very high, the work is not good, and there are a lot of reasons. It is said that one set is done and one set is made, so many bosses are afraid.

How to retain talent is a matter of learning, and it requires a compulsory course for human resources departments and corporate executives. Talents and talents, people do their best; enterprise enterprises, attempt to dominate. Talents generally need to be: 1, salary, 2, development platform, 3, learning opportunities.

1. Salary system: basic salary, post salary, seniority award + subsidy + quality, overtime pay, efficiency reward and punishment + other, equal pay for equal work, distribution according to work, more work and more responsibility, responsibility to people.

2. Development platform: Employees are eager to have a higher platform to display their talents. The company has to provide multiple positions to give opportunities so that they can survive.

3, learning opportunities: learning is endless, learning is useful, learning is not tired. A great discovery of Einstein: The difference between people is that they spend their spare time, produce talents in their leisure time, and produce lazy, drunkards and even rogue criminals. So grasp life and cherish leisure. Employees are eager to train, eager to learn more in the current company, and have more opportunities in other positions. Of course, wages will vary from job to job.

4. Incentive mechanism: When people are more stressed, the more they can exert their potential.

A person's ability may be tenth, and the incentive mechanism can reach fifteen or twenty. Leaders must handle things fairly, notarized, and openly.

B, how to do not find talent, how to retain their training, the master with the apprentice, the church apprentice starved to death master. Can the apprentice of the master bring the job? The master will really teach the apprentice, the master with the apprentice and his training is also one of the talent solutions. How to keep your own training and keep it from happening again (increased salary).

Many enterprises have a phenomenon. The talents who work in the company this year will not come after the Spring Festival, and one of the phenomena that is common among SMEs.

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