Hefei plate type: Ou Rui furniture quality creates fashion classics

Ou Rui Furniture is the first fashion bright furniture company under the Hong Kong Xingli Group. It mainly produces medium and high-grade panel disassembly furniture with modern fashion style as the mainstream! Ou Rui furniture's modern minimalist style design combines the romantic characteristics of Italian style and the essence of oriental civilization. It uses a unique harmonious color combination to construct a personality space. The design combines the rhythm of the profile to express the elegant charm and temperament. .

Brand: Ou Rui Furniture

Series: bed

Model: 1.5 meters

Sohu users VIP collection price: 990 yuan

The bed of this bed has a delicate print, which adds another taste. The bed line is simple and smooth, and the overall look is atmospheric, which is in line with the characteristics of modern life. The plate and environmentally friendly paint materials used in the products are all good and environmentally friendly. Is a good choice.

The bed is designed with smooth lines as the main body, with different colors, simple and modern style, natural and fashionable, devouring the young people's sunny living space. The beauty of nature, without the need to meticulously create it, can be presented to you in front of you, providing an aesthetic sense to your bedroom, so that you can enjoy his beauty in winter or summer!

Ou Rui Furniture adopts a fully disassembled plate structure and pays attention to the product disassembly design. Each product combines practicality, functionality and decoration organically. "Century Sunflower" is the persistence of beauty, the persistence and demand of life.

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