BoGeer Bogel Waterproof Bike Watch 55 yuan Read more>>

The following BoGeer waterproof watch has excellent waterproof function. The main functions include: dynamic display of real-time speed, driving mileage, exercise time, travel time, heat consumption, current time, current date, query the fastest speed at any time, Average speed, total travel time, total mileage, current temperature, wheel revolutions per minute. In use, if you press the left and right buttons simultaneously to turn on the luminescent function, press and hold again to turn off, the switch controls the lamp on time, and the backlight can be on for 48 hours. If you do not use the backlight, you can use the battery for about one year. In addition, this stopwatch is suitable for all bicycles. Rain-proof design, portable, easy to disassemble. The current market price is: 55 yuan.

BoGeer Bogle waterproof bicycle stopwatch

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Functional data display

Installation and removal are very convenient

Trip data display

Functional data display

This meter is fully functional and can provide comprehensive data instructions for your outdoor activities

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