Advantages and disadvantages of pine furniture and pine furniture purchase

Is pine furniture ok? What are the disadvantages of pine furniture? In fact, the advantages of pine furniture are many, but there are also shortcomings. This article focuses on three aspects of pine furniture brand , pine furniture price and pine furniture. In order to let consumers have a comprehensive understanding of the pine family.

In the cultural history of furniture, pine furniture is decorated with its unpretentious texture, vivid texture, pure and bright color, and the home environment is decorated with elegance, pureness, harmony and tranquility with nature, and is designated as environmentally friendly by the UN Humanities Department. Furniture. Pine furniture meets people's reshaping and pursuit of the natural environment and is constantly being accepted by consumers.

Pine furniture features

First of all, the selection, design and manufacture of pine furniture are coniferous forest species. Due to the high forest coverage, all the trees are basically not artificially trimmed, so that after processing into the material, the branches leave the traces of natural growth. When making furniture, it can fully demonstrate the true, heavy and natural beauty of the material.

Pine furniture pictures

Secondly, without too many carvings, pine furniture is often presented to consumers with its unpretentious texture and vivid texture. Modern pine furniture is a combination of pine and fabric pine and metal. It is both aesthetic and functional, practical and practical, and strives to create a relaxed and comfortable home.

In addition, pine furniture is visually “colorful”. In the color combination, it also maintains the natural color of the wood, highlighting the modern atmosphere of the furniture. The pure and bright color will decorate the home environment with elegance, purity and harmony with nature. Uncarved pine wood furniture is full of natural flavor.

Pine wood furniture has many advantages, but it also has shortcomings. The main disadvantages of pine furniture are:

Pine wood furniture shortcomings: pine wood is soft, easy to crack deformation, high moisture content can also lead to cracking.

Pine wood furniture shortcomings 2: pine furniture pays attention to pure natural color, need to be well maintained, otherwise it is easy to change color, especially sunshine, to be strictly guarded.

Pine wood furniture shortcomings three: the general pine furniture products use multiple paint spraying, the surface paint film is thicker, so although it masks some defects, but loses the true core value of the pursuit of nature, and for a long time, the paint is easy to change color.

How to choose pine furniture

Pine furniture is a kind of solid wood furniture, so there are many similarities in the purchase and maintenance of solid wood homes:

l, depends on whether the texture of pine furniture is clear and clear;

2, pay special attention to the interface of the pine furniture components, should be screwed tight;

3, touch the surface of the pine furniture by hand to see if they are smooth, whether it is possible to hook the protrusion of the clothing;

4, lightly press the various points of the pine furniture, such as the column corner, drawer or shelf support, etc., whether the test is stable;

5. Check the sliding and positioning of the pine furniture drawers, open all the door fans, make sure they are properly installed, and use them without any problems.

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