Chinese Princess's Irish Castle

Xiao Jing's Irish husband is very satisfied with this family. He often brings foreign friends to sit at home and show off by the way. In his opinion, Xiao Jing is a magical "Chinese princess" who can turn an empty house into a palace. The paintings on the living room wall from Bali are the favorite of the hostess. The women in the painting dance and the meaning of the dance is praying.

Irish castle style

Our car just stopped outside Lin Xiaojing's house, Xiaojing has already greeted. We can't help but wonder how she can feel our arrival so soon? Xiao Jing pointed her finger at the glass window of her house. We noticed that it was the huge and transparent floor-to-ceiling window, which made the owner easily know the visit of the guests.

Xiaojing himself said: "I like this window, I like this house more!" Friends know that Xiaojing married an Irish husband. When he got married, he brought Xiao Jing back to his home in Ireland. Although Xiao Jing always knew that his husband was a nobleman, she never thought that her wife would have an old castle on the top of the mountain! Xiao Jing described the castle as a scene in a movie, and she even lost her way inside.

After settled in Beijing, Xiao Jing had once chosen a house. It was a set of small apartments, and the layout was completely Chinese. But now, they have changed more space for their own lives, and also want to have a baby. Xiao Jing said: "We plan to have a child. I have seen many houses at the beginning. It is more spacious and comfortable, suitable for children. Moreover, this house is 6 meters high, it is really a feeling of Irish castle."

In the home of Xiaojing, there will be a little dazzling feeling. The whole house is divided into three floors. The first floor is the living room and dining room. The second floor and the third floor are the guest and guest bedrooms. There is a lot of space in the house, but the space of the hostess can be seen in every space.

According to Xiao Jing, in fact, her home is a combination of her and her husband. Among them, there is a very Chinese side that represents her, and there is also a side that represents her husband's westernization. Therefore, even the first visit to Xiaojing's friends is not difficult to see, this is a home of a multi-national lovers living together.

For example, the sofa in the living room is a red and yellow combination with Chinese national colors, giving people a feeling of enthusiasm and joy. At the same time, opposite the living room, there is a western music stand that looks like some years old. This is of course the utensil of Xiaojing’s childhood. In the restaurant, it is also a combination of Chinese and Western: the dining table and chairs are all Chinese goods, but the sofas and footstools in the corner of the restaurant are authentic European goods. Perhaps, after dinner every day, Xiao Jing will sit at the table and quietly enjoy tea, while her Irish husband leans on the sofa next to a cup of aromatic coffee.

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